XRSPACE - pioneers of virtual reality and the Metaverse - has launched PartyOn, its music performance metaverse, in Greater China Markets. Its 2022 roadmap adds features including support on AR and smartphone/tablet devices, allowing PartyOn to become the first-ever VR, AR and mobile cross-platform musical virtual experience. Built on the foundations of ultra-low latency acoustics, multi-user presence, and real-time social interactions and additional cross-device support, PartyOn delivers hyper-real online music performances to the upcoming 5G metaverse era.  

Launching on January 20, 2022 in the Greater China region, PartyOn,supports hundreds of licensed hits in Mandarin, and other languages. Available on the Pico Neo VR HMD series, the Rokid Air AR Glasses series, the XRSPACE MANOVA VR HMD and the Meta Quest VR HMD series, PartyOn is bringing the music metaverse to wherever users may be. PartyOn for Pico Neo and Rokid Air series devices are currently in closed beta and will be released on app stores after Chinese New Year 2022.

Leading video, voice and live interactive streaming platform Agora is partnering with XRSPACE in enabling more interactive virtual spaces. It’s MetaKTV solution will provide  more than 17,000 licensed music videos, including popular songs from Mandarin singers as well as TikTok hits.  


Using software algorithms, Agora’s MetaKTV offers spherical spatial audio that strengthens interactivity and immersion . By imitating the acoustic structure of the human head, this solution provides VR users with enhanced spatial perception and 3D positioning while their avatars traverse virtual spaces, perfectly representing the way that sound is experienced in real-life. .

Offering metaverse solutions made accessible through everyday devices such as VR, AR, smartphones and tablets, XRSPACE provides virtual entry-points through 5G networks with no hardware limitations. Rolling out in February 2022, PartyOn and its partners will be hosting a series of virtual events including seasonal festivities and metaverse singing contests. 

Peter Chou, XRSPACE Founder, said;

XRSPACE is devoted to pioneering metaverse experiences in the Web 3.0 era, making them more accessible to everyday users. We are excited to partner with Agora, Pico, and Rokid in this first step towards building a wider metaverse for the music industry, with more wondrous experiences to be shared in the future.

Chiyang Huang, PartyOn General Manager, said;

To synchronize virtual singing and dancing in a fluid and seamless manner is the ultimate challenge for PartyOn. We are glad to provide a unique ultra-low latency solution which combines Agora’s products and PartyOn’s own technology, melding music, vocals, and body movement in silk-smooth synchronization. Enhanced by 5G network services, this delivers real social presence to users across the world