With the recent increase in global temperatures, it is becoming an increasing priority for consumers and enterprises alike to carefully watch their carbon footprints. In light of the Yalla Green initiative, LG Electronics (LG) has reiterated its undertaking to a greener Kingdom especially after the recent SASO announcement. 

The Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO) recently introduced a new requirement for Air Conditioners Standard SASO-2663, the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The requirement was introduced in line with the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center’s (SEEC) objective to preserve KSA’s natural resources and enhance the economic and social welfare of the Saudi population. SEER will soon be mandated across all distributors across the Saudi market. 

LG air conditioners are currently one of the brands of air solutions in the Saudi market that are SEER standard certified as they have already been meeting this level of requirement before it got mandated in the market. SEER-branded LG air conditioners have also started to roll out and will soon be available throughout the Kingdom. 

LG Dual Cool

To create more awareness about this initiative, LG presented its latest product range compatible with the upcoming SEER requirements at an event held at its Riyadh factory for stakeholders within the industry including Shaker Group – the local partner for LG Electronics in KSA. 

LG’s recently launched line of Dual Cool air conditioners also employs innovative technology that keeps you cool while saving energy:

• LG Dual Cool is the best solution for energy saving and fast cooling.

• LG Dual Cool has high air quality circulation with an optional full filtration system in its split models that expels air farther and cools spaces faster. 

• LG Dual Cool will help you cool off while being energy efficient in the upcoming Saudi summer with SEER technology that is designed to calculate energy-efficiency levels based on both indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Commenting on the SEER policy by the Kingdom, Mr. Jeong, LG Electronics General Manager said, LG continues to prioritize its operations in Saudi Arabia, which is why we’re glad to always be ready with a product line that satisfies the Saudi government's eco-friendly policy as well as customer expectations. LG air solutions have long been designed to provide consumers with fresher, cleaner air at a more energy-efficient level – a compatible product range for the Saudi market especially at a time when it most matters.