Ramadan is almost here and as families come together to spend more time with each other, LG is running a special promotion. The Holy Month brings loved ones together to share in their favourite TV shows and movies after their Suhoor meals while enjoying Iftar dinners together.

LG understands this and that is why it has selected a range of products to cater to these needs from widescreen TVs to fridges, speakers, and dishwashers. Each device is packed with the latest technology is stylishly designed and has something for everyone.

For Movie Fans and Gamers

LG’s A1 range of widescreen TVs come with 4K cinema, HDR, WebOS and ThinQ smart technology. The OLED displays feature millions of self-lit pixels for stunning picture quality to bring a who new level of realism to movies and TV shows. These OLED TVs are able to achieve full colour volume with excellent colour reproduction technology. This means the A1 range can display a full spectrum of colours which makes for vivid and lifelike full saturation no matter how bright or dark the display.

LG Ramadan Offers

As LG’s most popular and award-winning OLED TV range, the 55’ C1 comes with cinema screen design 4K Cinema, HDR, webOS Smart with ThinQ AI Pixel Dimming making them the perfect choice for gamers. These self-lit pixels use a self-luminous display technology that transforms the viewing experience. Unlike LED TVs that are restricted by backlight technology, LG OLED TVs are capable of extreme realism and unique designs, which make them a great choice for gamers.

A1 OLED 55’ for 4,199 SAR

A1 OLED 65’ for 5,299 SAR

OLED 55’ C1 for 5,999 SAR

For Music Fans

XBOOM 360 RP4 is a superbly audio engineered speaker that transforms the way sound is experienced. No matter where the speaker is placed, its conical design works perfectly with LG’s sound technology to deliver an audio experience that fills a room with high-quality, omnidirectional sound. This makes it ideal for listening to relaxing music at the end of a busy day or something a little more motivational during a home workout.

The SoundBar SN4 is a sleek and stylish unit that features sub-woofers designed with carbon diaphragms that deliver immersive sound and excellent audio clarity. LG’s AI Sound Pro takes the guess work out of fine-tuning settings and instead automatically analyses content to instantly optimize sound settings to better fit what is playing. That means users will experience every detail of their favourite TV show with crystal clear dialogue and more punchy and powerful action scenes.

RP4 for 999 SAR

SoundBar SN4 for 649 SAR

For the Home

The InstaView Fridge 21.2 ft has been designed to deliver the most convenient experience for the user. With two simple knocks on the door’s mirrored glass panel, the user can see what’s inside without opening the door. This helps to reduce cold air loss and keeps food fresher for longer. This Door-in-Door technology coupled with the Easy Access Compartment allows households to quickly get frequently used items effortlessly. Furthermore, LG’s advanced Hygiene FRESH+™ system provides up to 99.999% fresh air, removes bacteria and minimizes odors to keep food looking, tasting and smelling great.

LG’s 16KG Dryer is both stylish and functional, with a host of advanced features and a smart design, which is why the range has been rated as the most reliable clothes dryer brand by a leading consumer magazine. Its TrueStream technology gently penetrates fabrics so that wrinkles are reduced while clothes are freshened up. An integrated steam generator also creates pure steam to remove allergens, smooth out wrinkles and leave clothes fresh and clean for greater convenience.

The LG Quadwash dishwasher features 14 racks and comes with TrueSteam technology enabling users to easily load dishes and get them cleaned quicker and to a much higher level. TrueSteam technology ensures boiling water reaches the entire surface of every dish inside the compartment to deliver sparkling clean dishes. This technique also helps to reduce water spots. 

Instaview Fridge 21.2 ft for 8,999 SAR

16 kg dryer for 5,999 SAR

LG Quadwash TrueSteam dishwasher with 14 racks for 3,799 SAR.