Carbon8, makers of a new eco-friendly at-home sparkling water maker, launched its flagship product, the Carbon8 Infinity Stream. This is the first countertop at-home water carbonator that produces sparkling water directly into your glass. It eliminates the need to carbonate in PET bottles, creating a much more sustainable process with limited waste.

The process is completed in four easy steps: fill the 2-liter removable water tank on the back of the machine with cold water, place a glass under the spout, press the start button to fill and release when the glass is filled with the desired amount of sparkling water.

The slim design of the Carbon8 Infinity Stream minimizes the use of counter space, while an ambient light on the spout adds a touch of elegance. Place it in your kitchen for everyday use or in a wet bar, outdoor kitchen or media room for easy access when entertaining. Currently the Carbon8 Infinity Spring is available in three colors – silver, black, and white.

Carbon8 has also developed an exchange program called “ The Carbon8tion Cycle” which allows users to mail their empty CO2 canisters back for new ones filled with 100% renewable CO 2 gas, made in the U.S.

Carbon8 Infinity Stream

About Carbon8 Infinity Spring

● Maker and Dispenser in one: It is the first countertop carbonator that both makes and dispenses sparkling water directly into a glass, instantly ready for consumption. It does not use in-bottle carbonation like other sparkling water makers on the market.

● Patented Carbon8Reactor: The distinguished patented turbine technology mixes water and CO2 instantly, creating a continuous - stream of sparkling water.

● Click-and-Sip Technology: Simply touch the dispenser control button, and sparkling water is beautifully dispensed into any glass. This one-touch, click and sip operation is specific to Carbon8. Conventional carbonators require four steps.

● Self-sanitizing: Carbon8’s water tank is equipped with a UV light that automatically sanitizes the water to eradicate bacteria, viruses, microcontaminants and algae, keeping the dispenser hygienic and clean.

● Bubbles Without Bottles: Carbon8 is committed to a no-waste technology and has developed a maker-dispenser that does not use PET bottles.

● Reusable Reservoir: The removable two-liter water tank can be stored in the refrigerator or refilled with cold water or even ice.

● Convenient Lighting: The maker-dispenser features an ambient light at its spout to allow for easy access during the darker hours of the evening without having to turn on the room lights.

● Self-Expression on Tap: A slim modern design, Carbon8 is a space-saving countertop solution. It is available in three colors – silver, black, and white.

The Carbon8 Infinity Stream retails for $319 (MSRP) and is available for purchase online and at select retail partners starting on October 1, 2022.

Andreas Hansen, CEO and Founder of Carbon8 Water, said;

We developed Carbon8 with one mission in mind – to create-a sustainable source for the best tasting sparkling water made at home. Consumers shouldn’t be required to fill an entire bottle every time they want to drink sparkling water. With Carbon8, you control the amount right into your glass.