Sony Middle East & Africa is hosting a game-changing festival celebrating photography and creativity in Saudi Arabia’s Capital. For the first time ever, the Alpha Festival will be held at Sidra Arts, Jax District, Riyadh, enabling the local photo and video communities to experience Sony’s digital imaging products in an inspirational setting. 

Scheduled to take place on Saturday, 4 February, the Alpha Festival will feature several experience zones for photographers and videographers to shoot using Sony’s range of Alpha cameras. The Alpha range of cameras combine Sony’s advanced imaging technology with extensive usability and custom-built features that are optimised for creators.

Sony Alpha Festival Saudi Arabia

Visitors at the events can capture a variety of images at the experience zones, which will feature a fashion catwalk, fire and water, sports and other settings simulating fast-paced scenarios. For the first time in the Kingdom, they can experiment and shoot with the latest Sony cameras in varying indoor conditions. 

Saudi Arabia’s digital content market is expected to grow between SAR 16 to 20 billion ($4.3 to $5.3 billion by 2030 according to a report by the Trend Corporation in cooperation with the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

The Alpha Festival is expected to attract the Kingdom’s leading photographers, videographers, vloggers and content creators’ intent on improving their skills. Among the Sony cameras that will be showcased and available for use at the event are the Alpha 7 IV, the ultimate hybrid camera packed with Sony’s most advanced imaging technologies including S-Cinetone™, adopted from the Cinema Line cameras; and the compact FX30 perfect for those budding filmmakers, allowing them to capture stunning images with 6K oversampling and a true cinematic look. The newly launched Alpha 7RV, featuring Sony’s next generation auto focus (AF) with the latest AI-based image recognition, will also be available for visitors to try out at Alpha Festival.