Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia has officially opened the doors to its eagerly awaited store in Jeddah. The HUAWEI STORE JEDDAH PARK reflects Huawei’s broader expansion plans within the Kingdom and its continuous commitment towards this strategic market.

The store was inaugurated in the presence of HE Mr. Tan Banglin, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Jeddah, Mr. Keith Li, Vice President, Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia, partners, media representatives and digital content creators.

The new 600 square meters store is located in Jeddah Park, a convenient and strategic location that welcomes visitors and families. The trend-setting minimalist design of the store is clad in pure white and stands out from the luxury brand stores around. Once inside, visitors will be greeted by the entire lineup of Huawei products and services, presenting them with the opportunity to experience it all first-hand.


Huawei's product lines are displayed in an intuitive way. The display embraces five scenarios: Smart Home, Smart Office, Fitness and Health, Easy Travel, and Entertainment. Consumers can get a taste of the smart connected life brought by features such as "one-click switching to the home mode", "multi-screen collaboration", "sports data real-time synchronization", "MeeTime", and "easy travel". The visitors can experience the convenience brought by scientific and technological progress.

The HUAWEI STORE JEDDAH PARK is a hub of pleasant interactions between people and technology. A meeting point between the digital and real worlds, the store provides a seamless connection between the present and the future. Inside the store, customers can get in touch with future technologies and understand how they will benefit from them.

By offering an offline space where customers can share enjoyable moments and learning experience with their friends and families, Huawei is creating a powerful message of being a technologically innovative yet inclusive company. The new store is designed as a "community hub", where Huawei aims to provide customers with a comfortable offline experience in a relaxing space suitable for socializing and recreation.

The HUAWEI STORE JEDDAH PARK is located at Level 1.