Samsung Electronics announced the successful conclusion of its ‘Air Solutions Day’ event in the presence of consultants who were invited from across MENA. During the event, Samsung Electronics’ AC professionals presented its innovative HVAC technologies, which include 360 Cassette, WindFree™ and DVM S2

With its award-winning bladeless technology design, the 360 Cassette can evenly circulate air and cool every corner comfortably. With this technology and the use of three booster fans, the cool air can flow at much lower angles, as these fans create a lower pressure area around the circular outlet, which leads to the cool air coming out more parallel to the ceiling and dispersing across a wider area. 

The DVM S2 Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) outdoor air conditioning unit features innovative technologies which is compatible with WindFree™ Indoor units, providing exclusive WindFree™ Cooling without the discomfort of direct indoor cold airflow. WindFree ™ technology eliminates harsh cold drafts and disperses air through thousands of micro holes at a speed of less than 0.15 m/s that helps in creating a still air environment. 

Samsung MENA hosts ‘Air Solutions Day’ for HVAC Industry Consultants

Due to DVM S2 Active Artificial Intelligence, the system can learn usage patterns from recent cooling or heating operations and create optimised cooling and heating performance, thanks to its advanced AI algorithms. Moreover, the unit can detect refrigerant leaks in real-time, and provides the best timing for defrost operations, resulting in increased comfort during heating.

A panel discussion was also held under the title “Tech Talk: HVAC of Today & Tomorrow”, which featured three prominent consultants from the UAE, Turkey, and Pakistan, that aimed to highlight Samsung’s leading position in the HVAC industry, and its role in helping consumers achieve greater energy conservation with its sustainable and eco-friendly innovations. The panel addressed the challenges and opportunities in the sector across MENA, favourable HVAC sustainable future systems, and Samsung’s innovative products that support global sustainability development efforts.

The consultants in attendance also toured Samsung MENA’s Enterprise Business Centre and the Air Solutions Training Center, the one-of-its-kind MENA training academy which enables visitors to experience the company’s innovative air solutions. The day concluded with a visit to SmartThings Home, which features Samsung’s award-winning product categories and different SmartThings-powered zones representing the future of residences.

In his comments, Okan Tutcu, Director HVAC - MENA Regional HQ, said;

The spirit of innovation is what maintains Samsung’s products, including HVAC systems, as industry changers over the years. The innovative technologies that Samsung introduced to the HVAC industry in recent years are a testament to our supremacy across all fields. Samsung will continue investing in the HVAC industry and will always offer the best solutions to our business partners.