Xiaomi today unveiled its latest suite of AIoT products at the highly anticipated global product launch event in Barcelona. The innovative lineup includes Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro, Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro, and Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra, which promise to revolutionize the entertainment experience. With these exceptional products, Xiaomi is set to transform the way people engage with technology, offering a seamless and more immersive experience for consumers worldwide. 

Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro

With its upgraded TWS features and polished design, Xiaomi's latest earbuds deliver a high-fidelity listening experience with incredible sound details. Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro incorporates Sony's LDAC technology, which enables data transfer rates of up to 990kbps and bit depths of up to 32-bit, along with Hi-Res Audio Wireless support.¹ Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro also features impressive active noise cancellation capabilities, with a depth of up to 48dB, which effectively isolates users from unwanted interference. With this, users can truly focus even on the busiest street without distractions. 

Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro's Built-in Dimensional audio feature detects users' head movements and adjusts the sound according to its spatial positioning, ensuring that each audio detail is precisely placed for a realistic sound. Moreover, the embedded immersive sound creates an enthralling surround sound experience, making the earbuds the perfect companion for movie lovers seeking to enjoy a lifelike viewing experience anywhere, anytime. 

Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro

Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro also boasts an impressive battery life, offering up to 9 hours⁴ of uninterrupted listening on a single charge and up to an impressive 38 hours when using a charging case. This earbuds also supports wireless charging, and to maximize convenience and efficiency, Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro enables users to switch between connected devices seamlessly with its built-in dual-device connectivity⁵ feature. 

Designed for stylish users, Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro is stored in a unique "space capsule" style case and the multiple magnets keep the earbuds secure in it and make it easy for the user to remove the earbuds with one hand. The soft LSR-made ear tips ensure that the earbuds remain in place and come in three sizes for a suitable fit. The new "Intelligent Fit Monitoring" feature allows users to find the perfect fit with maximum comfort for hours of listening pleasure. The new earbuds also come in two color options: Star Gold and Space Black, for a truly premium look. 

With the launch of Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro, users can now adjust sound settings via the dedicated Xiaomi Earbuds app for the first time ever. The app offers access to personalized features such as ANC modes, transparency modes, Built-in Dimensional audio³, and dual-device connectivity⁵, allowing users to fully customize their listening experience according to their preferences. The app is available for download on the Google Play Store, providing users with complete control over their audio settings. 

Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro is available for sale starting from euros 249 via Xiaomi’s official channels.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro

Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro is the epitome of the perfect fusion between classic watch design and contemporary smartwatch technology. Meticulously crafted using premium materials that exude durability and style, this timepiece boasts a remarkable 1.47” AMOLED display, a rotatable crown, and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass that ensures long-lasting functionality. It comes in two distinct color variations, including a silver case with a brown leather strap and a black case with a black fluororubber strap, both of which can be customized with over 100 exquisite watch faces to suit any taste. Furthermore, the universal watch pin allows for easy interchangeability of straps, enhancing the watch's versatility even further. 

Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro's seamless integration of a unified UI design and optimized animations enhance its interface aesthetics and screen fluidity, providing an unparalleled user experience. Additionally, its advanced synchronization capabilities eliminate time lag in receiving notifications between devices, ensuring a smooth and effortless user experience. This watch also features a pop-up pairing function, which is exclusive to Xiaomi smartphones, making pairing a breeze and simplifying the setup process. 

Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro

Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro tracks real-time information on over 100 sports activities. For runners, there are also 10 programs, pre-built to suit various fitness needs, including run/walk combos for beginners or fat burn/endurance-focused training, and even interval training specifically for strengthening heart and lung health. It also offers a series of workout data and health tracking functions covering calories burned, exercise intensity, sleep monitoring, heart rate, and SpO₂ tracking, which allows users to easily monitor their daily workout progress and health condition.⁸ 

Boasting a long-lasting battery life of up to 14 days, it also charges quickly and a 10-minute top up will give 2 more days of typical use.⁹ The watch is equipped with a powerful speaker, and an AI noise cancellation algorithm lets users communicate smoothly and clearly when making Bluetooth® phone calls via the watch. Furthermore, Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro comes with a convenient wireless charging dock that is able to charge the device to 100% in 85 minutes.¹⁰ 

Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro is available for sale starting from euros299 via Xiaomi’s official channels.  

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra

As the first scooter from Xiaomi featuring a dual suspension system, Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra offers an incredibly smooth and safe ride, even on challenging terrain. Through increasing the height of the chassis, together with an advanced dual suspension system, riders will acquire better visibility and stability, even when traveling on uneven surfaces. To reduce the risk of a tire blowout, Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra is equipped with larger puncture-proof and self-sealing 10-inch Xiaomi DuraGel Tires, which ensures riders' safety and improves users' riding experience. 

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra has been designed with impressive, upgraded features, enabling it to reach speeds of up to 25km/h¹¹ and can climb slopes with inclines up to 25% with ease. Its impressive 940W¹² of maximum gear motor power and ultra-long-lasting battery gives users the freedom to travel up to 70km¹³ without worrying. The all-new S+ mode accelerates surprisingly swiftly for an exciting and enjoyable ride. 

With a strong, yet lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum body, the new scooter supports a maximum loading capacity of up to 120kg². Equipped with a deck size of 880cm² and a widened handle grip of 490mm, the scooter's overall design ensures a bigger standing area and a more stable grab for a comfortable riding experience. Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra is also rated with IP55 resistance.¹⁴ 

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra is available for sale starting from euros999 via Xiaomi’s official channels.