Saramonic BlinkMe B2 wireless microphone system is a cutting-edge solution for wireless audio recording tailored to vloggers, podcasters, and individuals seeking a compact yet powerful wireless microphone setup. Designed with innovation in mind, the BlinkMe B2 boasts dual transmitters and a receiver, all equipped with interactive touchscreen LCD interfaces.

Notably, the BlinkMe B2 transmitters offer a distinctive capability: the ability to showcase a personalized logo on their LCD screens. This feature proves invaluable for branding and elevating your identity while creating engaging videos. Empowering creators further, the BlinkMe B2 wireless system incorporates built-in storage within each transmitter. This facilitates direct recording onto the devices across various formats, encompassing AAC, WAV, and MP3. With a generous 8GB memory capacity, ample audio data can be stored directly on the units.

Enhancing the auditory experience, the system integrates active noise-cancellation technology and voice enhancement options. These attributes ensure exceptional sound quality across diverse environments. For added versatility, the device enables concurrent recording via both the 3.5mm and USB-C outputs. A pivotal element of this system is the Saramonic App, a comprehensive tool that governs BlinkMe B2's settings and functionalities. Through the app, users can finely customize audio parameters and effortlessly execute firmware updates. This seamless integration enhances user control and optimizes the performance of the BlinkMe B2 2-person wireless system.

Saramonic BlinkMe B2 Wireless Microphone with Touchscreen Display - Hands-on Review

Saramonic BlinkMe B2 Wireless Microphone with Touchscreen Display - Hands-on Review

Design and Build Quality

Saramonic BlinkMe B2 comes in a tidy semi-hard case, immediately showcasing a level of design and comprehension that sets it apart from many other manufacturers. Notably, this case serves as a comprehensive storage solution, accommodating the two transmitters, receivers, cables, clips, and mounts. The convenience of having everything organized within a single case might seem like an obvious choice, yet it's a rarity that's truly appreciated.

Inside the case, the two transmitters flank the receiver, showcasing a well-orchestrated arrangement. Once removed, a clip is easily affixed through a magnetic mechanism, allowing effortless attachment to clothing – a process that's elegantly straightforward. A thorough examination of the transmitters and receiver reveals their solid construction and durable feel, indicative of their robust build quality.

The standout feature of this system resides in the touchscreen interface present on both the transmitters and the receiver. This interface provides seamless access to settings and facilitates direct recording onto the device. It's an intuitive and user-friendly addition that imparts a distinct personal touch – users can even showcase their logo on the screen, a feature seamlessly managed through the accompanying Saramonic App.

Saramonic BlinkMe B2 Wireless Microphone with Touchscreen Display - Hands-on Review

In terms of runtime, the system touts up to 24 hours, though this estimation is based on the default mode, where the screen automatically dims after a few seconds. In our testing, a continuous logo display was used, prompting the screen to remain on at all times. This adjustment still yielded ample power for multiple projects spanning a considerable couple of hours, if not more.

One notable limitation is the absence of an option to attach a Lavalier microphone. However, considering the target audience of vloggers, this omission aligns with the ethos of keeping things straightforward – and given the prominent screen, maintaining a consistent brand image takes precedence.

Features and Specs

The Saramonic BlinkMe B2 Wireless Microphone System stands apart from the ordinary wireless microphone systems I've recently explored. Engineered with content creators in mind, it boasts a combination of distinctive features, including front-facing LCD screens on each transmitter, a magnetic clip system, and a dedicated smartphone app.

First and foremost, the BlinkMe B2 system is compatible with a wide array of devices, including cameras with 3.5mm TRS/TRRS inputs and those featuring USB-C ports. This versatility spans from smartphones and cameras to laptops and other compatible gadgets. The highlight of the BlinkMe B2 is its touchscreen microphone transmitters, setting it apart in the field. Adjusting settings through the intuitive touchscreen interface is seamless, offering the convenience of onboard recording directly initiated from the transmitter. The noise-canceling function further elevates performance, with the degree of noise reduction easily adjustable via the touch screen.

Saramonic BlinkMe B2 Wireless Microphone with Touchscreen Display - Hands-on Review

The BlinkMe B2's transmitters come equipped with built-in omni-directional microphones, enhancing ease of use, although external microphone options are not available. The included magnetic clips and mounts simplify secure attachment to clothing, enabling natural movement during recordings. At the heart of the BlinkMe B2 system lies the dual receiver, functioning as a central hub for audio setup. Boasting an impressive 24-hour runtime, the receiver ensures extended recording sessions. The unit can be securely attached to a camera's magnetic hotshoe mount, with a 3.5mm cable connecting the receiver and camera. Audio flexibility is provided through the Mono/Stereo/Safety output setting, while headphone monitoring and USB-C Digital Audio Out options are also available.

An essential aspect of the BlinkMe 2 is its smartphone app, offering advanced control and customization options. The app allows users to personalize the touchscreen interface with unique UI wallpapers to match their style, and it even supports options like the Camera Jabber Logo, as explored in this review. The transmitters support onboard recording for up to 22 hours with a 24-bit/48kHz resolution. The HD Active Noise-Cancellation feature ensures clear audio by eliminating unwanted background noise.

Focusing on the screens, the BlinkMe B2 transmitters boast a 1.3-inch TFT display with Panda Glass and AF Coating. The receiver is equipped with a 0.96-inch TFT display featuring the same attributes. Communication reliability is ensured through the 2.4GHz Digital Frequency transmission type with Digital Modulation, offering interference-free performance up to 328 feet (100m) within line-of-sight range. The internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery is charged via USB Type-C, with the simplest charging method involving attaching the transmitters to the receiver and plugging the receiver into a power source. Remarkably, the battery life remained exceptional even with the screen active, consistently lasting the duration of shooting sessions, and allowing for reattachment of the transmitters to the receiver between shoots.

Performance and Audio Quality

The performance of the BlinkMe B2 B2-person wireless system stands out on multiple fronts. Let's delve into its noteworthy aspects. Commencing with the user experience, this system offers an exceptionally distinctive and refreshing encounter. The transmitters' touchscreen interface is a departure from the norm, delivering a level of ease in navigation rarely encountered. This interface facilitates effortless management of various settings, direct recording onto the device, and control over display brightness and other features. This intuitive and responsive interface significantly elevates the device's usability.

Saramonic BlinkMe B2 Wireless Microphone with Touchscreen Display - Hands-on Review

Upon my initial engagement with BlinkMe B2, my foremost desire was to personalize the screen design. Swiftly accomplished through the Saramonic App, an image from my library was effortlessly selected and applied. The App handles the resizing process seamlessly. Once displayed on the screen, it supplants the default setting, albeit briefly, disappearing after a few seconds. To maintain the image continuously on the screen, one must delve into the settings and activate the "always on" screen option – a choice that becomes the default for future use of the transmitter microphones.

Moving from the screen to audio-related features, the active noise cancellation performs exceptionally well, effectively diminishing persistent hums and background noise. For optimal audio quality, post-processing noise reduction might be preferred. An added Voice Enhancement feature imparts a fuller sound to voices, rendering it particularly valuable for vloggers and interviewers.

The BlinkMe B2 system advertises a 24-hour runtime under default settings. However, if you choose to go with a consistently illuminated screen rather than a blank one, the battery performance will go down significantly but then it works as an excellent tool for brand visibility Notably, the simultaneous recording feature deserves mention. Initiating recording is as simple as a swipe and tap of a button. When it comes to downloading audio files, attaching a USB cable and connecting it to a computer transforms the transmitters into accessible drives, ready for seamless file transfer.

Saramonic BlinkMe B2 Wireless Microphone with Touchscreen Display - Hands-on Review

The BlinkMe B2 adeptly manages interference, offering clear, interference-free signals over considerable distances with unobstructed views during testing. Nevertheless, at the farthest range, minor signal dropouts and audio digitization emerged. An important point to note is that while these devices might give the impression of being waterproof, they are not. In terms of audio recording, the onboard storage significantly enhances versatility with a spacious 8GB memory. The choice of formats – AAC, WAV, or MP3 – caters to varying audio quality requirements, permitting advanced users to harness higher sample and bit rates for their audio capture endeavors.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Saramonic BlinkMe B2 microphone is a forward-thinking solution tailored for those in search of user-friendly, high-performance audio excellence. It shines with its distinctive touchscreen LCD interface, robust construction, and comprehensive app integration. With an impressive 24-hour battery life, it remains steadfast even when the screen is continuously active, making it an ideal companion for seamless day-long audio capture.

However, no product is immune to minor drawbacks. For instance, the absence of a Lavalier microphone option might deter those seeking a more inconspicuous setup. While the magnetic clasp system is ingeniously designed, the transmitter units' larger size relative to competitors could pose a challenge; their dimensions are notably substantial. The noise reduction feature is commendable, yet a degree of ambient noise infiltration may persist in particularly noisy surroundings.

Yet, BlinkMe B2 offers a compelling proposition in terms of pricing. Its unique attributes and dependable performance render it competitive and set it apart from the majority of wireless microphone systems available. For vloggers or individuals aiming to showcase their logo while capturing steadfast audio quality, the BlinkMe B2 2-person wireless system deserves thorough consideration.