The realm of smartphone technology is once again poised for a groundbreaking shift as HONOR, a pioneer in innovation, unveils its latest masterpiece - the HONOR 90. Beyond the realms of conventional smartphones, the HONOR 90 commands attention with its exceptional AI-driven camera system, reshaping the contours of photography and videography. The fusion of technology and artistry is vividly evident as this remarkable device unveils amazing features, thrusting it into a leading position within the market. 

In this article, we take a closer look at the HONOR 90's camera setup, exploring what makes it the ultimate tool for capturing memories. Let us dive in and understand why the HONOR 90 is set to elevate your photography experience like never before. 

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Through the Lens of Perfection: The Remarkable Camera of HONOR 90

Owning a camera that consistently captures satisfying images is a boon in itself. Yet, possessing a camera that not only delivers impeccable pictures but also seamlessly adapts to varying scenarios, enhancing your photos with the perfect ambiance, is a game-changer. The HONOR 90 emerges as a game-changer with its extraordinary 200MP Main Camera, boasting a sizable 1/1.4 sensor that's 25% larger than its predecessor, resulting in an 11% boost in light-sensing capability. Each shot taken with this remarkable camera encompasses a staggering 200MP pixels, translating to an unparalleled level of detail and clarity. 

The camera system extends further to include a 12MP Ultra-Wide and Macro Camera, accompanied by a 2MP Depth Camera, creating a dynamic triple-camera setup on the device's rear. The HONOR 90's 12MP ultra-wide and macro camera offers an f/2.2 aperture and a wide 112° field of view. Conversely, the 2MP Depth Camera, with its f/2.4 aperture, adds dimension to your photos, while the 50MP Selfie Camera on the front boasts an impressive 100° field of view. With this comprehensive camera suite, the HONOR 90 ensures that every photographic endeavor is met with the perfect lens, adapting effortlessly to diverse situations.

A Camera that Adaptable to Every Situation You Find Yourself In

When we assert that the HONOR 90 is your ultimate ally in the realm of photography, rest assured, it's no mere exaggeration. The essence of the HONOR 90's photographic prowess lies in its remarkable adaptability to a myriad of scenarios and surroundings. Prepare to uncover the photographic marvels that the HONOR 90 bestows upon you in every conceivable setting. 

Outdoor & Landscape Scenarios

Honor 90 Camera Performance

The HONOR 90 emerges as a landscape enthusiast's dream, all thanks to its 12MP ultra-wide camera. With its impressive f/2.2 aperture and a generous 112° field of view, this camera is tailor-made for capturing expansive views and outdoor splendors. Be it the awe-inspiring beauty of natural expanses or the magnificence of bustling cityscapes, the HONOR 90 effortlessly complements your vision, ensuring every inch of the scene is flawless preserved with its wide-angle prowess. 

Low Light Conditions

In dimly lit environments, the HONOR 90 unveils its expertise, catering to low-light shooting scenarios with finesse. With the intelligent 16-in-1 pixel binning technology at your disposal, the camera takes a quantum leap in capturing light information. This innovation effectively combines the data from 16 individual pixels into one, resulting in a pixel size equivalent to a remarkable 2.24μm. The outcome? Breathtakingly illuminated photographs that redefine low-light photography. 

Honor 90 Camera Performance

Moreover, the HONOR 90's expanded sensor size plays a pivotal role in enhancing its low-light capabilities, rendering images in astonishing high-definition clarity even when the light is scarce. Whether it is a cozy evening at home or an ambient night scene, the HONOR 90 rises to the occasion, capturing moments with unprecedented luminance and detail. 

Infusing portrait photography with enchanting brilliance, the HONOR 90 proudly presents its advanced Portrait Mode. This feature ensures crystal-clear portraits in varying light conditions. Whether zoomed at 1x to encompass more background or 2x to focus sharply on the subject, the device captures stunning portraits. The refined bokeh effects offer a seamless blend between the subject and the background blur, adding an artistic dimension. Thanks to its powerful hardware and optimizations, the camera faithfully preserves skin textures without demanding manual adjustments. With the HONOR 90, each portrait becomes a testament to its exceptional capabilities, effortlessly fusing technology, and artistry. 

Far is near with HONOR 90
Every photograph taken with the HONOR 90 is a canvas of astonishing detail, boasting an astounding 200 million pixels per shot. Such a resolution unfolds a world of clarity that borders on the unimaginable. This device shatters boundaries further, allowing you to zoom in up to 1/8 of the photo size, yet retaining every complicated element in intact clarity. This level of detail remains unmatched, showcasing the HONOR 90's commitment to visual excellence. 

Honor 90 Camera Performance

The wide-angle lens adds another layer of versatility, with a remarkable minimum focusing distance of 2.5 cm. This empowers users to capture exceptional close-up shots. The HONOR 90 transforms ordinary scenes into extraordinary visual narratives, where each paragraph narrates a story of unparalleled clarity and beauty. 

Fusing AI with Videography: The HONOR 90 Experience

The HONOR 90 pioneers the integration of AI within its camera system, with the objective of simplifying the videography experience. Here are a few ways in which the HONOR 90 elevates your videography journey. 

Chooses the perfect mode for you

Embarking on a video shoot with your smartphone often leads to the dilemma of selecting the right video mode. With the HONOR 90, this quandary finds an elegant solution through AI integration. This innovative feature discerns the scene you're capturing and suggests the optimal video mode among its five choices. As you press record, the HONOR 90 leverages AI optimization technology to dynamically fine-tune video parameters, ensuring your footage is consistently optimized. Say farewell to uncertainty, as the HONOR 90 simplifies your videography journey with its intelligent and automated enhancements. 

Enhances videos after shooting
Elevating the video experience to unprecedented heights, the HONOR 90 introduces AI Sharpening Technology, a revolutionary innovation that enhances the clarity of every frame, resulting in scenes characterized by remarkable sharpness and expanded dynamic range. Not stopping there, the HONOR 90 also presents the Always-on HDR Effect feature, an exceptional addition that transforms SDR videos into HDR masterpieces and elevates HDR10 content to HDR10+ levels of brilliance. The outcome is a visual extravaganza marked by vibrant colors and intricate details that draw viewers into a realm of lifelike vibrancy. 

Reduces background noises 

Harnessing the power of dual microphones and leveraging the insights from over 100 real-world scenarios through AI training, the HONOR 90 achieves a remarkable feat: omnidirectional noise reduction with an impressive signal-to-noise ratio of 20dB, akin to what is achieved by professional recording equipment. This breakthrough innovation serves as an invaluable tool during Vlog shoots, effectively filtering out intrusive background noises like traffic clamor or surrounding chatter. With this technology in play, users can seamlessly capture crystal-clear human voices, undisturbed by external noise disruptions. The HONOR 90 redefines audio quality, ensuring that your videos not only look impeccable, but sound outstand as well. 

Creates social-media ready videos with few taps 

The blend of these remarkable features establishes the HONOR 90 as the ultimate vlogging companion, tailor-made for the expressive endeavors of the younger generation. Catering to this demographic's creative aspirations, the HONOR 90 introduces AI Vlog Assistant. This smart tool operates in real time, meticulously analyzing crucial elements. Post-recording, users can unleash the power of the "Instant Movie" function, swiftly transforming their footage into a captivating 15-second video snippet primed for social media sharing, all achieved in a mere second. The HONOR 90 encapsulates not only cutting-edge technology but also the spirit of rapid, seamless self-expression, catering to the dynamic needs of today’s vlogging enthusiasts. 

Price & Availability 

The HONOR 90 5G is available in three brilliant colors - Diamond Silver, Emerald Green, and Midnight Black, all of which were inspired by the beauty of nature and designed for style–conscious users. 

HONOR 90 5G is available now for purchase from SAR 1699 with free gifts worth SAR 1198 including a phone cover, 30 days warranty for malfunction and 6 months screen protection warranty via Jarir Bookstore, eXtra, STC, Zain, LuLu, noon, Amazon and retail shops.