Colgate-Palmolive once again paved the way in oral care innovation  by conducting the first ever metaverse masterclass for dental students. Students from selected dental schools were mentored by renowned dentist, Dr. Sandesh Mayekar and Dr. Svapna Koppikar, Director, Professional Oral Care at Colgate-Palmolive, APAC, on ‘Setting up a dental clinic’.

This virtual reality experience created by Baker-E, an experiential design company, showcased the intricate process of building a successful dental clinic with invaluable real world insights. As the Metaverse gains momentum in various sectors, Colgate-Palmolive strongly contributes to dental education by driving innovation.

The Metaverse offers a myriad of opportunities for the dental industry, combining cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) with the expertise of dental professionals to deliver unparalleled patient care experiences. 

Dr. Svapna Koppikar, Director, Professional Oral Care at Colgate-Palmolive, highlighted the impact of this technological leap, saying, We aim to support dental students in their educational journey and skill development. This initiative is a unique opportunity for future dental professionals to get mentored first hand by our Key Opinion Leaders like Dr. Mayekar, on ‘Setting up a dental clinic’. Innovation is at the core of our practices and we hope to inspire and guide these students with this initiative.

Speaking about the Metaverse Masterclass Dr. Sandesh Mayekar said, Foraying into the Metaverse for oral health education is a completely new experience for students as well as myself. This initiative by Colgate has enabled dental students to witness an immersive life-like experience with a virtual walkthrough of a dental clinic. Interacting with the students inside the metaverse and answering questions on setting up a dental clinic was not only interesting but riveting, and I see many opportunities to innovate in the way we teach.