In a world where technology intertwines with our daily lives more than ever before, the demand for reliable and portable power solutions has surged to new heights. As the industry continues to evolve, Jackery has remained at the forefront, pushing boundaries and redefining the way we think about energy independence. This year, at IFA Berlin 2023, Jackery has once again captured the spotlight by introducing their latest innovations: the Solar Generator 1000 Plus and 300 Plus – two powerful additions to their acclaimed line of portable power stations. 

This collection exemplifies Jackery's most advanced answer for unparalleled efficiency, dependability, and assurance, spotlighting the company's cutting-edge technology and solutions designed to provide even greater advantages to a global user base. Both the SG 1000 Plus and SG 300 Plus, similar to their counterpart, the SG 2000 Plus, belong to the Plus series. However, their names convey a distinct impression of being more compact, portable, and exceptionally convenient, catering to the needs of users seeking enhanced mobility and ease of use. 

Solar Generator 1000 Plus

The Solar Generator 1000 Plus boasts a large capacity of 2000W, a 20% increase compared to competitor products. Furthermore, with up to 3 battery packs, the solar generator can be expanded to 5 kWh, sustaining 3 days of outdoor adventures. An ultra-low self-consumption rate, combined with a lifespan of 4000 cycles, guarantees that the Solar Generator 1000 Plus will be a faithful companion for years to come.

Solar Generator 1000 Plus

Utilizing the boundless energy of the sun, the Solar Generator 1000 Plus supports solar charging in just 2 hours with four 200W solar panels, ensuring a reliable and renewable energy source for your outdoor adventures.

Solar Generator 300 Plus

The Solar Generator 300 Plus introduces the concept of a "Solar Generator in Your Backpack," providing a versatile and convenient energy solution. Just like its counterpart, the 300 Plus incorporates Jackery's ChargeShield technology, ensuring that safety is never compromised. The stepped variable-speed charging algorithm enhances battery lifespan by 50%, even when facing challenging conditions such as high temperatures.

Weighing a mere 5KG, the Solar Generator 300 Plus is designed to be a true travel companion. Its foldable handle design and lightweight profile make it incredibly easy to carry, set up, and utilize. The introduction of a brand new 40mini solar panel further amplifies the portability factor, allowing you to harness solar energy wherever your journey takes you.

Solar Generator 1000 Plus

Pioneering the Solar Generator Revolution

Last year, Jackery participated in IFA Berlin 2022 and introduced the Solar Generator 1000 Pro, a high-capacity and cost-effective option that serves as the flagship model in the Pro series. Notably, this model boasts rapid charging capabilities, capable of achieving a complete solar charge within 1.8 hours when paired with four SolarSaga 200W panels. The launch of the Solar Generator 1000 Pro was met with considerable acclaim and an enthusiastic response. 

For an extended period, Jackery has consistently showcased its resolute commitment to sustainability. Recently, the company obtained carbon footprint verification from TÜV SÜD for a selection of ten products. Moreover, Jackery's enduring drive for sustainable advancement has been honored with the prestigious SEAL Sustainable Product Award in 2023, specifically recognizing the remarkable Solar Generator 2000 Plus. Jackery also maintains a strong dedication to environmental conservation, actively engaging in diverse initiatives. Collaborating with the National Forest Foundation (NFF), Jackery successfully planted 10,000 trees, while also partnering with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in a restoration initiative targeting the critically endangered black-footed ferrets in North America.

Jackery's presence at IFA signifies the pinnacle of their evolution from a Silicon Valley startup to a worldwide power solution provider, underscoring their unwavering dedication to innovation, excellence, and meeting customer needs. Jackery has been striving on the journey of fulfilling their mission "bring green energy to all". Whether you're an adventurer seeking energy independence or a conscious consumer looking for sustainable solutions, Jackery's Solar Generator 1000 Plus and 300 Plus are poised to redefine your relationship with power–on your terms.