Xiaomi today unveiled its latest range of cutting-edge smart devices including the Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro and Xiaomi Smart Band 8, developed to provide users with connected experience alongside its flagship Xiaomi 13T series smartphones. These innovative devices redefine how users engage with technology to assist their health and wellness and sports performance, enhancing daily convenience and efficiency. 

Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro

Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro, powered by Wear OS by Google, offers a smart, stylish and efficient experience. It combines lightning-fast performance with long battery life, an enhanced display, and a design that meets health and fitness needs. 

One of the standout features of Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro is its integration with Google's suite of popular applications, including Google Wallet, Google Maps, and Google Assistant, amongst a comprehensive array of health and fitness tracking capabilities. This collaboration elevates connectivity, personalization, and productivity, offering users a new level of convenience. 

Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro

Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro is equipped with the next-generation Snapdragon® W5 + Gen 1 wearable platform, ensuring that it operates with speed and energy efficiency. Users can enjoy LTE watch connectivity², which allows them to stay connected to their smartphones without the hassle of carrying them everywhere.  

Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the precision provided by the dual-band GNSS, which ensures accurate fitness and workout tracking. With over 150 sports modes, Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro provides comprehensive workout analysis and performance statistics. In addition, it provides valuable insights into sleep quality, helping users to understand their sleep patterns and make informed decisions to enhance their well-being. 

Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro boasts a stylish design with a durable stainless steel casing, available with luxurious leather or robust fluororubber strap. Its high-resolution 1.43" AMOLED display features a rotatable crown and Shortcut Key, enabling users to navigate custom functions and choose from more than 20 pre-installed watch faces. For added personalization, a range of detachable straps in fashionable colors are available. 

Xiaomi Smart Band 8

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 is the latest entry to Xiaomi's fitness band lineup. The device features 150+ sports modes, providing users with a wide selection of fitness activities to choose from. Additionally, it offers real-time monitoring and conditioning statistics, ensuring users receive accurate workout data. For the running enthusiast, the 'Pebble Mode' can be attached to a shoe buckle, providing detailed running data and assessing proper running posture for improved performance. 

Incorporating advanced health and wellness tracking, Xiaomi Smart Band 8 is equipped with all-day SpO₂ and heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, pressure monitoring, and even female menstrual cycle recording and prediction. This holistic approach to health monitoring empowers users to take control of their well-being. 

Xiaomi Smart Band 8

Powered by the latest Apollo 4 Blue Lite chipset, Xiaomi Smart Band 8 delivers an ultra-smooth user experience. Its upgraded 190mAh battery provides up to 16 days of typical usage on a single charge. Furthermore, a new fast-charging feature reduces charging time to just one hour,³ ensuring that users spend more time enjoying their devices and less time waiting. 

With 5ATM water resistance rating, Xiaomi Smart Band 8 is suitable for various environments and activities. Its upgraded appearance includes a racetrack-shaped 1.62" crystal clear high-resolution AMOLED display, CORNING GG3 glass cover, and NCVM metallic texture frame. Users can choose between Gold or Graphite Black color options. 

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 comes with 200+ pre-set watch faces, including game-themed options, allowing users to personalize their device to suit their mood and style. The new quick-release strap design offers a variety of materials and designs, including leather braided, checkered, double wrap, and stainless-steel chain options.⁵ This versatility ensures that the device adapts to various occasions, even transforming into a discreet pendant for social gatherings. 

Pricing and Availability  

Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro and Xiaomi Smart Band 8 will be available for sale via Xiaomi official channels. 

Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro comes in 2 version:  

e-SIM version: retail price starts from EUR 329

Bluetooth version: retail price starts from EUR 269 

Xiaomi Smart Band 8: retail price starts from EUR 39.9.