Global leader in visual display solutions, BenQ, proudly announces its recognition as the number one Interactive Display Brand in both the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first half of 2023. According to a recent report by Futuresource Consulting, market specialists in visual displays, BenQ has successfully secured a leading market share of 22.45% in the UAE and a commendable 44.67% in KSA during H1 2023. This achievement underscores BenQ's commitment to innovation and the creation of state-of-the-art interactive displays that are increasingly popular within education and corporate sectors.

BenQ's Interactive Displays have transformed the working and learning landscape by promoting a safe and healthy environment for businesses and educational institutions. The germ-resistant screens effectively curb the spread of germs in offices and schools, while smart eye-care solutions significantly reduce eye strain, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience for both students and professionals. 

One of the key elements to note is the incorporation of Intel's potent 10th Gen Core processors in the BenQ Board Pro. This powerful technology paves the way for a transformative educational experience, turning traditional classrooms into dynamic learning environments. The processing power of Intel's 10th Gen Core processors enables the BenQ Board Pro to create an engaging and highly interactive learning space where every student can be an active participant in their education.

In addition, BenQ's innovative features such as the Cloud Whiteboard, Account Management System (AMS), 20-point multi-touch, 4K UHD resolution, Smart Eye-Care, and Air Quality Sensor, provide top-notch tools for interactive meetings without the need for external PCs. BenQ's corporate Interactive Displays facilitate seamless collaboration and display interactivity while offering wireless presentation capabilities and easy maintenance. 

Moreover, BenQ InstaShow™, a unique, software-free solution supported on these displays, allows multiple presenters to lead from any device. Its user-friendly operation eliminates the need for driver installation and maintains compatibility with any operating system or hardware platform, ensuring a seamless experience for all participants.

BenQ's unwavering commitment to innovation in visual technology continues to positively impact people worldwide, enabling them to work and learn more effectively and comfortably. With its diverse range of products and features, BenQ is setting new standards of excellence in the Interactive Display sector.