Lenovo unveiled its most comprehensive AI capabilities to date, as well as its vision of ‘AI for All’ at the company’s annual global innovation event Tech World held in Austin, Texas. This year’s event, the 9th the company has hosted, focused on how Lenovo is unleashing the power of AI to drive intelligent transformation in every aspect of our lives and in every industry – from pocket to cloud with purpose-built AI-ready devices, infrastructure, solutions, and services that empower industries, enterprises, and individuals around the world.

As part of a unifying vision of ‘AI for All’, and following its announcement of a further US$1 billion investment in AI innovation, Lenovo shared its dynamic approach to hybrid AI where it believes public, private, and personal foundation models will co-exist in order to enable AI for All. To keep data secure and protect the privacy of users, Lenovo AI can operate exclusively within a device or securely with on-premises servers. In both instances, Lenovo AI learns from data provided by an individual user or through the proprietary data of an enterprise, but ensures no information is shared publicly or enters open training data sets. Not only is this more secure, but the results can be more powerful and personalized.

Lenovo Chairman and CEO Yuanqing Yang was joined on stage by leaders from Lenovo’s global partners, including NVIDIA Founder, President and CEO, Jensen Huang; AMD Chair and CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, and Formula 1® President and CEO, Stefano Domenicali. Microsoft Chairman and CEO, Satya Nadella, Qualcomm CEO and President, Cristiano Amon, and Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger joined Tech World via video link.

Lenovo unveils  ‘AI for All’ Vision at 9th Global Tech World Event

During his keynote address, Yang shared Lenovo’s plans to deliver industry-leading AI technology to organizations of all sizes,On stage in Austin, AMD Chair and CEO Dr. Lisa Su spoke about the deep partnership between Lenovo and AMD, 

Lenovo is working on the next generation of AI-ready and AI-optimized infrastructure to bring powerful, tailored, scalable, and energy-efficient AI to customers around the world through a hybrid approach. The new era of Hybrid AI will help businesses unlock the power of their data anywhere it is created and simplify the path to intelligent transformation by extending AI beyond the cloud and delivering it to businesses at the far edge in real-time. On stage, Lenovo Chairman and CEO Yuanqing Yang and NVIDIA CEO and Founder Jensen Huang announced an expanded partnership with new, hybrid solutions and engineering collaboration to deliver the power of generative AI to every enterprise.

As a time to market partner with NVIDIA, Lenovo will deliver fully integrated systems that bring AI-powered computing to everywhere data is created, from the edge to the cloud, helping businesses easily deploy custom generative AI applications that drive innovation and transformation across any industry. Through the collaboration, Lenovo and NVIDIA will create next-generation systems based on NVIDIA’s flexible MGX modular reference design to deliver a wide range of robust and secure solutions for the most demanding generative AI workloads, helping businesses implement  cognitive decisions at scale with NVIDIA Omniverse platform.

Together, the companies are also empowering businesses to easily deploy AI with confidence and begin their AI-driven transformations with the new Lenovo AI Professional Services Practice. Offering a breadth of services, solutions and platforms, the practice helps businesses of all sizes navigate the AI landscape, find the right solutions, and put AI to work for their organizations quickly, cost-effectively, and at scale, bringing AI from concept to reality.

Lenovo demonstrated the future of AI-ready devices and AI-powered features, including a vision of the future AI PC that will boost productivity, streamline workflow, and safeguard data, and a demo of Personal AI Twin. This is accomplished with AI interactions on the keyboard and natural language from the end-user as well as a new concept feature called AI NOW, which is a personal AI twin (AI assistant) solution for AI PCs. The AI uses personalized and private inferencing models based on a user’s own on-device knowledge base and fine-tuned models and protects the end user with data security and privacy protection.

Alongside the AI device demonstrations Lenovo also unveiled a smartphone adaptative display concept that can be bent and shaped into different forms depending on users’ needs and was built upon the display and mechanical innovations from Lenovo foldable devices and rollable concepts, as well as updates to the company’s total solution for AI-powered motion capture, Project Chronos. Lenovo also shared its work in the wider tech ecosystem with partners such as NVIDIA, where Lenovo’s central compute unit will be running on NVIDIA’s DRIVE Thor platform, the world’s most powerful in-vehicle computer.

As part of its focus on smart solutions, Lenovo announced its vision of Enterprise AI Twin – AI applications that have in-depth knowledge about an enterprise and keep that knowledge private and secure. It finds and extracts relevant information within your enterprise, from devices, edge and private cloud, synthesizes them into assessments and conclusions, and proposes solutions. The AI Twin can be used for a wide variety of scenarios – from helping employees book travel plans that comply with company policies and fit individual preferences, to supply chain teams mitigating risks based on public AI information such as weather patterns, together with enterprise AI that looks at customer orders and the impact of weather on shipments, parts arriving, transportation disruptions, etc.

Ken Wong, Executive Vice President and President of Lenovo’s Solutions & Services Group, discussed the evolving tech landscape and announced Lenovo’s newest, AI-powered offerings that are helping companies harness AI to enhance business operations and improve digital experiences. The offerings included:

AI Professional Services Practice, in collaboration with NVIDIA, helps customers fast track AI implementation from concept to results.

Care of One Platform is a first of its kind AI-powered solution that provides insights and support to help companies create the optimal work environment and enhance employee experience and productivity.

Sustainability AI Engine helps companies visualize the influence of business choices that could impact their sustainability objectives and choose the best sustainability options to achieve their desired outcome.

Luca Rossi, Executive Vice President and President of Lenovo’s Intelligent Devices Group, reinforced the significance of AI-powered devices. During live demonstrations of both Project Chronos and the Motorola adaptative display concept with a generative AI-themed demo, Lenovo showcased the power of AI solutions and its position as a leader in innovation. With participation from Formula 1 Director of Strategic Technical Ventures, Pete Samara, Rossi highlighted how Lenovo’s smarter technology and solutions fuel the world’s most technologically advanced sport and enhance the fan experience, such as with virtual reality. Rossi also spoke with Joseph Artuso, Chief Commercial Officer of OpenBCI, about how Lenovo’s ThinkStation workstation line-up gives every business on-premise, scalable AI solutions used to develop and operate foundation models that drive the future of AI-powered computing. Through these innovations and partnerships, Lenovo can deliver powerful on-device capabilities.