Nothing, the London-based consumer brand, has today announced Open Beta 1 for Nothing OS 2.5.

OS 2.5 is Nothing’s most significant update since the launch of OS 2.0 in July. Packed with exciting new features to make your smartphone experience as efficient and personal as possible.

To deliver the most perfected update yet, Nothing is in the process of Beta testing on Phone (2). Open Beta 1 is your chance to get early access to Nothing's newest improvements. Plus an exclusive preview of Android 14. Here’s what the update includes:

Nothing OS 2.5 Open Beta 1 with Android 14 is Coming to Phone (2)

Nothing OS

Updated the widgets library interface so Nothing widgets appear more clearly.

New photos widget, allowing you to display your favourite photos on both your Home Screen and Lock Screen.

New screenshot editor and menu, allowing for more advanced editing features and quick deletions.

Updated design of back gesture to be more in line with Nothing's style.

Added the option to hide app icons on the Home Screen and app drawer. Swipe right in the app drawer to reveal hidden app icons.

Capture screenshots quickly with a three-finger swipe.

Customise the double-press power button to quickly access a chosen feature.

Redesigned a joint Home Screen and Lock Screen customisation page for a more comprehensive view of options.

Introduced the glass filter to make your favourite wallpapers extra unique.

New solid colour wallpapers for a cleaner Home Screen appearance.

Android 14

Added a monochrome colour theme in the basic colour section.

New back gesture while interacting with apps.

Updated Quick Settings layout and added Nothing earbuds icons.

More Lock Screen shortcut options including do not disturb, mute, QR code scanner and video camera.

Made it possible to set ringtone and notification sound volumes separately, with an updated volume control interface.

Added regional settings so you can customise your unit and number preferences.

With any Open Beta, this version is not final and there is a possibility of software instabilities.

Users already enrolled on the Beta will be able to update via the Settings > System > System Update. For those who want to sign up head to