Nothing, the London-based consumer brand, has today announced the rollout of Open Beta 2 for Nothing OS 2.5 powered by Android 14.  

Nothing is continuing the process of Beta testing on Phone (2) which provides early access to the newest improvements (including new features for Glyph interface)  and refinements resulting from Open Beta 1.

Here’s what Open Beta 2 includes:

Open Beta 2 for Nothing OS 2.5 powered by Android 14.

Glyph Interface
- Glyph Progress integration for Google Calendar - keep track of your upcoming events with a 5-minute countdown

Glyph Timer -

Now supports time presets to quickly set your desired duration

Can now be opened directly from the lock screen

Option to open the pop-up window by tapping instead of holding

New Glyph animation when NFC is in use

Other improvements -

Predictive Back is now supported on all Nothing apps

More options for the double-press power button gesture

Improved reliability of the three-finger swipe gesture

With any Open Beta, this version is not final and there is a possibility of software instabilities.

Users already enrolled in the Beta will be able to update via the Settings > System > System Update. For those who want to sign up, they can head to