REDMAGIC, the leading gaming brand, has unveiled the latest addition to its series today, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro and REDMAGIC 9 Pro+. The new flagship devices are set to revolutionize mobile gaming, bringing gamers to a whole new level of excitement and experience.

Equipped with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro series is one of the first Android smartphones to feature this technology. With up to 24GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, these devices offer lightning-fast speeds and seamless multitasking. The 120Hz refresh rate display ensures incredibly smooth visuals, making it perfect for immersive gameplay. The upgraded ICE 13 cooling system, which includes a 22,000 rpm built-in cooling fan with customizable RGB lighting and 520 Hz shoulder triggers, ensures uninterrupted and comfortable gaming sessions. The REDMAGIC 9 Pro and REDMAGIC 9 Pro+ models come with long-lasting batteries of 5500mAh and 6500mAh, respectively, providing hours of gaming without interruption. The REDMAGIC 9 Pro series also features a triple-camera and a completely flat rear panel, making it the perfect device for gaming enthusiasts who demand high performance. With a 2000 Hz instant touch sampling rate and a 960 Hz average touch sampling rate, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro series delivers an exceptional gaming experience.

With a memory combination of LPDDR5X and UFS4.0, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro series is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, which enables seamless performance even with demanding games. The improvements in CPU and GPU performance, as well as the reduction in their power consumption, are significant factors that greatly enhance the overall performance of the REDMAGIC 9 Pro series. With a 32% boost in CPU performance and a 34% enhancement in GPU performance, the latest update provides gamers with a faster and smoother gaming experience. Also, power consumption has been cut down by 34% for CPU and 38% for GPU, making it an energy-efficient choice for everyday use. What’s more, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro series comes with a powerful REDMAGIC 9 PRO+ that has boasts a 5500mAh with a 165W charger, and the REDAMGIC 9 PRO has a 6500mAh battery with an 80W charger, both equipped with fast charging capabilities.This ensures longs hours of interrupted gaming sessions or everyday use, without the user worrying about running out of juice.


The REDMAGIC 9 Pro boasts an advanced cooling system called ICE13, which features an upgraded single layer vapor chamber (VC) plate that has been expanded by 10182mm², enabling heat dissipation to increase and temperatures to lower up to 18°C, providing users with an optimal everyday experience. Its powerful and upgraded 22,000 rpm high-speed turbofan built-in cooling fan, signature of the brand since its establishment, is designed with shark-fin blades and operates almost silently at just 4DB, barely audible to the human ear. This innovative system is composed of a 10-layer design. Thanks to its redesigned flat back where the rear cameras have been relocated, a larger VC area, a straightened air duct, and reduced wind resistance have been achieved.

The REDMAGIC 9 Pro series has an ultra-futuristic design that sets it apart from other android smartphones. It features a flat back and a color-changing fan light that gives it a unique look. The backlight strip and the new shoulder button light add to the device's esports lighting capabilities, making it a game changer in the mobile industry. The device features BOE Q9+ luminescent technology for the full smooth screen that measures 6.8 inches and FHD+ display with a resolution of 1116×2480. Also, it features the fifth generation of Under Display Camera that provides users with a smooth screen that's perfect for uninterrupted use. The REDMAGIC 9 Pro series is a leader in design and lighting capabilities, providing a better gaming experience with its unique design and functional backlight strip and shoulder button light. The phone's screen is also exceptional, with an eye protection solution of 2160 Hz PWM+DC dimming and fifth generation of under-display-camera technology providing an immersive viewing experience.

The devices are designed with rear camera systems that include a 50-megapixel lens with optical image stabilization to avoid blurry images of fast-moving objects. Another 2-megapixel lens adds depth and detail to the photos and the seven-element lens system reduces distortion and enhances image quality. The front camera's ink-coated 16M screen ensures proper selfies and video chats. The REDMAGIC 9 Pro series boasts a powerful audio system that features dual speakers powered by a motor with a rating of 1115k. This design ensures that the audio output is immersive and of high quality, making it perfect for gaming and multimedia use. The smartphone's audio system also includes an 0815 super linear motor that provides precise and accurate sound. The 115k sound cavity speaker design produces rich and crisp sound with high levels of clarity and detail. The phone's 0815 super linear motor is designed to simulate movement in games by producing vibrations, making the gaming experience more realistic and immersive.

The REDMAGIC 9 series have been upgraded with the REDMAGIC OS 9.0 and enriched Game Space. This new version of the operating system has been designed specifically for gamers, with several exciting features that enhance the gaming experience. One of the most notable features is the AI game assistant, which uses artificial intelligence to identify games and provide key game information, such as proactive prompts and game feedback like reloading. The OS also boasts a smarter GPT feature that enhances the experience with AI voice assistant users, making it easier and more efficient to navigate the system. Also, the REDMAGIC OS 9.0 Game Space comes with two new modes: Handheld mode and Hunting mode-all-purpose filter. These modes have been designed to provide a more immersive and hardcore gaming experience, making REDMAGIC OS 9.0 Game Space an ideal option for serious gamers.

The REDMAGIC 9 Pro series also offers the following key features:

Fifth generation UDC full screen, AMOLED up to 120Hz refresh rate, 6.8 inches, FHD+ resolution 2480*1116, 2000Hz instant touch sample rate, 960Hz average screen touch sampling rate, DCI-P3 100% color accuracy.

The REDMAGIC 9 Pro+ is equipped with a 5500mAh battery and 165W charging which enables a full charge in just 16 minutes. With daily usage, the battery can last up to 1.5 days.

The REDMAGIC 9 Pro has a 6500mAh battery with 80W fast charging, taking only 35 minutes to fully charge. With daily use, it can last up to two days.

22,000 RPM shark fin built-in fan as part of the ICE 13 cooling system with custom RGB lights.

REDMAGIC 9 Pro Iterations:

Black, Transparent Silver, and Transparent Black with 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM (Black iteration only) 12GB RAM+256GB ROM with 80W charger

Black,Transparent Silver and Transparent Black with 12GB RAM+512GB ROM with 80W charger

REDMAGIC 9 Pro+ Iterations:

Black, Transparent Silver and Transparent Black with 16GB RAM +256GB ROM with 165W charger

Black, Transparent Silver and Transparent Black with 16GB RAM + 512GB ROM with 165W charger

Black 24GB RAM + 1T ROM with 165W charger

Dimensions: 163.98×76.35×8.9mm

Weight: 229g

Connectivity: 5G and USB 3.2

Audio experience with gaming: Dual 1115K speakers, 3 microphones, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a DTS:X ULTRA certification

RGB light strip with 16.8 million colors

REDMAGIC Studio can cast ultra-long distances of up to 30 meters and supports up to 4K transmissions.

Accessories: Cyberbuds DAO TWS, gaming mechanical keyboard, gaming mouse, and protective case.

Availability in China

In China, the product launch and pre-order is November 23, 2023 and open sales is November 28,2023 with starting price of:


Black 8GB + 256GB at ¥4399

Black 12GB+256GB at ¥4799

Transparent Silver 12GB + 256GB at ¥4999

Transparent Black 12GB + 256G at ¥4999

Black 12GB + 512GB at ¥5199

Transparent Silver 12GB + 512GB at ¥5399

Transparent Black 12GB + 512GB at ¥5399 


Black 16GB + 256GB at ¥5499

Transparent Silver 16GB + 256GB at ¥5699

Transparent Black 16GB + 256GB at ¥5699

Black 16GB + 512GB at ¥5799

Transparent Silver 16GB + 512GB at ¥5999

Transparent Black 16GB + 512GB at ¥5999

Black 24GB + 1TB at ¥6999

The international version of REDMAGIC 9 Pro will be available at on the following dates:

Announcement: December 18,2023

Early Bird Offer: December 27, 2023

Early Sale: January 2, 2023

Open Sales: January 3, 2023