The DYU D3F is a compact electric bike that offers both small dimensions and a lighter impact on your finances. Priced at approximately half the cost of a standard budget e-bike, it presents an affordable option for many riders and first-time buyers of e-bikes.

In this article, we are going to share a detailed review of the DYU D3F mini folding e-bike covering its design, features, performance, and all of its pros and cons for the readers of Geeky Stuffs.

DYU D3F Mini Folding E-bike : Full Review

DYU D3F Mini Folding E-bike : Ful Review

Design and Build Quality

The folding mechanism of the D3F differs from traditional folding bikes. Instead of folding the frame, the handlebars fold at the bike's headset, reducing its profile. Additionally, the pedals fold flat against the cranks. Weighing approximately 38 pounds, it houses a 36V 10Ah integrated battery that cannot be removed.

The integrated battery is fixed within the frame, preventing removal for charging or replacement. Consequently, carrying a spare battery for extended rides is not an option. If the battery encounters any issues, the entire unit must be replaced, posing an inconvenience compared to models with removable batteries.

DYU D3F Mini Folding E-bike : Full Review

Despite its compact size and relatively light weight of 38 pounds, the D3F is not the smallest or lightest among mini e-bikes. Nonetheless, its main advantage lies in its versatility. It fits into tight spaces, such as car boots, where other bikes may struggle. Additionally, its attached carry handle and compact dimensions facilitate easy maneuvering in urban environments.

When folded, the D3F forms a somewhat bulky package that remains hefty at nearly 40 pounds. However, its ability to streamline its shape and reduce its size is beneficial, especially for those with limited storage space.

DYU D3F Mini Folding E-bike : Full Review

The D3F's display is straightforward, featuring buttons for power, cadence sensor control, and light activation.

Riding Performance

During the range test, the bike exceeded expectations. Despite the non-removable, yet sizable 10Ah battery paired with a modest 250W motor, it delivered an impressive performance, covering over 22 miles predominantly on throttle power. 

Although the test route featured gentle slopes, the bike managed them with additional pedal assistance. While the test duration extended over two hours, the ability to sustain throttle operation for such distances underscores its suitability as a mini commuter. Consequently, the bike earns significant praise for its impressive battery range.

DYU D3F Mini Folding E-bike : Full Review

However, the bike's performance diminishes on steeper inclines. Equipped with a 250W motor, it struggles on anything beyond a slight slope, rendering it more practical to walk uphill in such scenarios. Claims of ascending a 15° grade seem exaggerated, as the bike falls short in such conditions. Its design favors short, gentle hills, and flat terrain.

Handling and Control

The compact size of the bike proves advantageous, particularly in navigating the confined spaces of urban environments. Its small wheels contribute to an impressively tight turning radius, facilitating sharp cornering. While maneuverability may feel precarious at higher speeds, it excels in low-velocity operations. Thus, the bike's size emerges as its greatest asset, enhancing both riding experience and storage convenience.

The combination of a long stem, straight narrow handlebars, and diminutive 14” wheelset results in twitchy steering, with minor adjustments yielding substantial responses. These small wheels also compromise comfort, particularly at higher speeds, creating a sensation akin to riding a scaled-down vehicle. The bike's top speed of 15.5 mph is a relief, as larger wheelsets are preferable for faster riding. Caution is advised when maneuvering the DYU D3F.

DYU D3F Mini Folding E-bike : Full Review

Safety features include mechanical disc brakes with built-in motor inhibitors, ensuring rapid and secure stops. Although the included headlight is adequate, supplementary lighting may be necessary for extensive night riding. There’s also a tail light provided, which in combination with the headlight, provides a safer ride by increasing visibility.


Despite its affordable price tag, DYU has prioritized warranty and returns for the D3F. This model boasts a comprehensive 12-month warranty and a 14-day return policy. 


The DYU D3F appeals to budget-conscious riders seeking an e-bike that offers unparalleled versatility in terms of storage. Its primary appeal lies in its ability to fold down and fit into spaces where traditional bikes cannot, making it an ideal choice for those prioritizing portability, particularly for car storage. Among the available options, it stands out as one of the most budget-friendly e-bikes on the market, albeit with typical drawbacks associated with budget models.

DYU D3F Mini Folding E-bike : Full Review

For individuals with short commutes seeking an e-bike tailored to their needs, the DYU D3F presents a compelling option. However, for those with longer commutes or specific performance requirements, alternative models may be more suitable. 

Another compelling reason to consider this e-bike is as a gift, particularly for smaller or younger riders. Its compact size and maneuverability make it an exciting choice for neighborhood exploration, reminiscent of the joy I would have experienced riding such a bike in my youth.