As HONOR continues to prioritize user needs with its human-centric approach and following the recent call for submissions for HONOR V Future Pioneer program to experience HONOR Magic V2, the brand kicked start the 1st session of the program with outstanding feedback and impressive reviews from participants.

Out of the numerous entries for the HONOR V Future Pioneer Program, HONOR selected entrepreneurs in search of trustworthy devices for productivity and multitasking, along with tech enthusiasts keen on exploring innovative experiences.

The HONOR V Future Pioneer Program, featuring the revolutionary HONOR Magic V2, proved to be an overwhelming success as participants from diverse backgrounds and professions provided resoundingly positive feedback and reviews.

HONOR Magic V2

The program's innovative approach, catering to both business professionals and tech enthusiasts, allowed users to experience the HONOR Magic V2's groundbreaking features including the ultra-slim 9.9mm design, 5000mAh battery, HONOR Super-light Titanium Hinge that can withstand 400,000 folds and tablet-like experience.

The V Future Pioneer Program was not just a showcase but an interactive experience, allowing participants to push the limits of productivity and share valuable feedback. HONOR's Magic V2, with its significant improvements in form factor, battery life, display, and user experience, stands poised to redefine industry benchmarks.

As the program progresses, HONOR remains dedicated to providing a platform for users to report issues, offer suggestions, and engage in discussions, ensuring that HONOR Magic V2 evolves based on real-world user insights.

It is worth noting that the HONOR Magic V2 phone is expected to be launched early next year in the KSA market.