Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has officially disclosed the launch date for its latest flagship device, the Galaxy S24. Come January 31, 2024, Samsung enthusiasts in the Kingdom will immerse themselves in a new era of smartphone experiences enhanced by the cutting-edge artificial intelligence of Galaxy AI. This technology heralds a paradigm shift, promising to revolutionize how users interact with their mobile devices. The highlighted series includes the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24.

The Galaxy S24 series stands out with its AI Live Translate Call, simplifying communication through simultaneous call translation. Users can seamlessly continue voice calls, even with non-fluent language speakers, without relying on third-party applications. Additionally, the Galaxy S24 introduces Circle to Search, a pioneering function developed with Google. This groundbreaking tool allows exploration through simple gestures or a long press of the home button, enabling users to effortlessly select, highlight, or click on any item on the Galaxy S24 screen for quick access to high-quality search results.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 AI Features

Distinguished by remarkable performance, the Galaxy S24 series excels in gaming, video editing, and multitasking, driven by advanced screen and slide improvements. Its arrival aligns with the growing influence of artificial intelligence, highlighting the urgency to enhance performance amidst constant changes. Secured by Samsung Knox, the series ensures comprehensive security with multiple layers of defense, safeguarding data from threats and vulnerabilities. The Galaxy S24 series stands out as secure, versatile devices in an era demanding heightened performance and robust security.

Enhancing its distinct functions, the Galaxy S24's ProVisual Engine revolutionizes photo capture, optimizing creative expression from shot setup to social media sharing. With updated Nightography capabilities, Space Zoom photos and videos excel in any conditions, maintaining quality even when zoomed in. Leveraging Gyro information analysis, the Galaxy S24 series effectively distinguishes photographer and target movements, leading to more efficient noise removal and clearer videos in low-light conditions, even from a distance.

Expanding upon its array of functionalities, the Galaxy S24 series introduces innovative Galaxy AI editing tools that facilitate simple adjustments, including scanning, reassembling, and enhancing image quality. For enhanced efficiency, the Edit Suggestion leverages Galaxy AI technology to recommend precise edits tailored to each photo, streamlining the improvement process.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is competitively priced, starting at 3,249 Saudi riyals for 128 GB storage and 3,499 Saudi riyals for 256 GB. The Galaxy S24+ is available at 3,999 Saudi riyals for 256 GB and 4,499 Saudi riyals for 512 GB. For the Galaxy S24 Ultra, prices commence at 5,399 Saudi riyals for 256 GB, 5,899 Saudi riyals for 512 GB, and 6,899 Saudi riyals for the capacious 1 terabyte storage.