The Nothing Phone 2a is the latest model in the Phone 2 series and a budget-friendly version of the Nothing Phone 2. It aims to establish itself as a standout option among the top affordable phones, boasting a sleek design and budget-friendly pricing.

We were trying our hands on the Nothing Phone 2a for the last few weeks and in this article, we are going to share a detailed hands-on review of the Nothing Phone 2a with all readers of Geeky Stuffs.

This review is divided into various sections to cover each aspect of the device separately and talk about the pros and cons of each section.

Nothing Phone 2a Review


Nothing Phone 2a comes in a very small retail box and gives the impression that you won't find much inside it. 

Nothing Phone 2a Review

Upon opening the package of the Nothing Phone 2a, you'll discover the essentials: the phone itself, a pre-installed screen protector, a charging cable that's somewhat translucent, a SIM ejector tool, and some accompanying booklets. Notably absent are a charger and earphones, which aligns with current trends. While budget phones typically include a basic case as well as a charger, the Nothing Phone 2a doesn't offer them in its packaging.

Design and Build Quality

The Nothing Phone 2a exemplifies how affordable smartphones can exude a premium look and feel. Featuring the same translucent casing as the Nothing Phone 1 and Phone 2, it offers a glimpse into its inner workings, showcasing intricate details such as wrapped coils, micro-sized screws, and the elegantly etched Nothing logo on the back. I am not sure though how much of those visible stuff are actual functioning hardware.

However, due to cost considerations, compromises were necessary. The Glyph Interface on the back is simplified to a few LED strips encircling the camera, offering customizable notifications but with slightly reduced clarity compared to its predecessor, the Phone 2 due to less number of LEDs.

Nothing Phone 2a Review

The Glyph LEDs illuminate to indicate various notifications, timer progress, volume adjustments, or music playback. The camera arrangement lends the device a charming resemblance to a miniature robot - very much like the one from Wall-E, complemented by a striking pop of red. Although the back material is plastic, Nothing's craftsmanship gives it a glass-like texture, albeit prone to accumulating dust. While the glossy rear cover adds sophistication, it also makes the phone somewhat slippery to handle.

Weighing in at 190 grams and measuring 8.5mm thick, it fits comfortably in your pocket and is easily manageable with just one hand. Its IP54 water and dust resistance rating adds a layer of convenience and security. The screen is protected by the Gorilla Glass 5.

Although both the rear cover and chassis are made of polycarbonate, the rear surface tends to attract fingerprints a lot. However, the chassis offers a satisfyingly grippy texture and a finish reminiscent of metal. Yet, when tapped, the polycarbonate rear panel emits a hollow sound, clearly indicating its plastic composition.

As anticipated from the design-focused brand, Nothing has introduced a unique and eye-catching smartphone. In comparison to nearly all other devices within its price range, it truly distinguishes itself, exuding a remarkable sense of character and individuality. Carrying the Nothing Phone 2a is a source of pride, thanks to its distinctiveness and special charm.


Nothing Phone 2a impressively upholds quality standards, particularly evident in its display. Boasting a spacious 6.7" AMOLED screen at 1084 x 2412 resolution, translating to 394 pixels per inch, it delivers sharp visuals. The refresh rate ranges from 30Hz to a fluid 120Hz

Nothing Phone 2a Review

According to Nothing's specifications, the display achieves 1,300 nits peak brightness and 700 nits typical maximum brightness, slightly surpassing real-world performance compared to the Nothing Phone 2. Its vibrant colors are visually pleasing without being overly intense, complemented by features like color temperature adjustments, dark mode, and a blue light filter, all standard nowadays. 

The phone incorporates an optical fingerprint scanner beneath the screen, offering reliable performance albeit not lightning-fast, with minimal misreads.

Hardware and Performance

The Nothing Phone 2a is equipped with a MediaTek Dimensity 7200 Pro, a jointly developed SoC that marks a collaborative effort between the two companies. Fabricated on a 4 nm process, the Dimensity 7200 Pro features an 8-core CPU clocked at up to 2.8 GHz, positioning it squarely within the midrange segment. 

Nothing Phone 2a Review

Additionally, the Phone 2a incorporates an "extra large" vapor chamber measuring 3,200 mm2 for enhanced cooling. While precise comparisons regarding the size of cooling systems are seldom disclosed by manufacturers, it's worth noting that around 3,500 mm2 is typical for flagship devices.

Performance-wise, the Nothing Phone 2a handles everyday tasks such as web browsing, video playback, and app usage capably. However, users may notice some touch input lag, particularly during gaming sessions.


Out of the box, the Nothing Phone 2a runs on Android 14 and Nothing OS 2.5, a distinctive software that we've grown familiar with and developed an affinity for. Sporting a monochrome theme across its interface, it offers the flexibility to place desired quick toggles as icons on the homescreen or widgets on the lockscreen. Noteworthy quality-of-life features include spacious folders, accommodating more apps with a single tap on the homescreen. 

Nothing Phone 2a Review

The aesthetic details, such as the dot matrix font style and circular icons, set Nothing OS 2.5 apart from typical Android experiences. Operating on Android version 14, Nothing pledges 3 years of OS updates and 4 years of security patches.

The Glyph Interface further enhances the user experience, particularly for those seeking additional visual flair. While retaining the ability to customize tones and lighting patterns for specific apps and notifications, the absence of some light strips means the charging meter present in the Nothing Phone 2 is omitted. While not a significant drawback, it's a notable exclusion worth mentioning.

Battery Life

The Nothing Phone 2a boasts the largest battery capacity ever seen in a Nothing Phone. While its predecessor, the Nothing Phone (1), housed a 4,500 mAh battery and the Nothing Phone (2) increased to 4,700 mAh, the Nothing Phone (2a) now boasts a substantial 5,000 mAh battery. With typical smartphone usage, this robust power source can comfortably last up to a day and a half.

Nothing Phone 2a Review

Regrettably, wireless charging is absent, a compromise necessary to maintain the competitive price point. However, the Phone (2a) does support 45W wired charging, provided you procure your own power brick or purchase the official one from the Nothing store. 

According to official specifications, just 20 minutes of wired charging can replenish 50% of the battery. While we observed slightly slower charging using a different brand's 100W charging hub, opting for the official Nothing 45W brick from the store should ensure optimal results.

Final Verdict

The Phone (2a) emerges as a compelling newcomer, showcasing bold initiative from the startup. It's quite audacious to introduce a new tier product shortly after establishing its "flagship" Phone (2) in the market.

Initial impressions are promising—performance meets expectations, the camera surpasses average standards, and the distinctive Glyph and monochrome interface style sets it apart. Prospective Nothing enthusiasts may perceive it as an ideal entry-level option, especially if they're hesitant to invest in the Nothing Phone (2) or its 2024 successor. While there are few contenders offering similar features at this price point, none quite match the unique allure of the Phone (2a).