Sony just announced its latest Sony ULT WEAR headphones. I have been using this headphones for the last few days And here we are going to have a detailed review of it. So we will talk about its design, features, audio quality, battery life, noise cancellation and all of its pros and cons. 

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Sony ULT WEAR ANC Headphones Review

Retail Box and Unboxing

On the front of the retail box, you will find a picture of the ULT WEAR headphones. And on the back, you will find some of its hardware specs as well as information that it comes with Okay Google, built-in Alexa and it is made for iPhone and iPod. 

Sony ULT WEAR Review - Best Headphones for Bassheads

Once you open the retail box, inside you will find another box in which you will find the quick start guide, a free trial code for Sony's 360 Reality Audio, and a nice case inside which you will find your Sony ULT WEAR headphones along with a 3.5 mm aux cable and a USB Type-C cable to charge it.

Design and Build Quality

The design of the ULT WEAR headphones is a bit generic. The headband provided is quite comfortable and the same goes with the ear pads as well. They're quite soft, plush, comfortable and provide a very nice passive noise cancellation. So you can have hours of listening experience without facing any discomfort. 

The ULT WEAR headphones come with a foldable design. So it will take less space in your backpack, as well as in the carrying case. The ULT button and the Sony branding come with a nice rainbow effect and we got all of these slots and ports along with buttons on just the left ear cup. All of the buttons on ULT WEAR headphones are placed perfectly and you can use them easily without even looking at them. 

Sony ULT WEAR Review

The touch sensor is provided is on the right ear cup and using which you can control the music. play-pause the music, you can switch between the next track or the previous track, and you can even launch the voice assistant to perform various commands using your voice. It also comes with a popular Sony headphones feature that allows you to listen the ambient sound quickly just by putting your hand on the right ear cup. It is a very useful feature and using it you can talk to someone while listening to music on Sony ULT WEAR headphones without pausing the music and removing the headphones. Because of segregating the physical buttons on the left and all of the gesture-based commands on the right side, it is really easy to control Sony's ULT WEAR headphones without any confusion or issues. 

The provided case is of very nice quality. It provides solid protection to the ULT WEAR headphones and it also comes with instructions on how to keep the headphones inside this case. 

Audio Quality

This is the headphone specially designed for bassheads I believe the ULT in the name of the headphones means either Ultimate or Ultra because it comes with a dedicated ULT button that increases the bass in the audio a lot. 

The audio output of this headphone is bass-dominated. When the ULT mode is not activated, you still get a pretty good amount of bass and that is the mode that you can use to listen to all kinds of music. And if you want the additional amount of bass, then you can just press the ULT button once to get deep low-frequency bass. And if you want even more bass, then you can press it one more time to get the maximum amount of base possible. 

Sony ULT WEAR Review

So if you are a basshead, this is the perfect headphones for you. And if you like to listen to all kinds of music, you can still use it - just by not using the ULT mode. And if you want, you can even do some customization to make the audio more suitable to your ears. 

The Sony ULT WEAR headphones come with Sony's Integrated Processor V1 which you will find in Sony's flagship 1000X Series headphones. It has an additional driver unit designed for ULT Power Sound that provides a huge resonating bass with great clarity. So even if you listen to music at high volume, the bass will not be distorted and you will totally enjoy every second of the music you are listening on Sony ULT WEAR headphones. 

Noise Cancellation

It also comes with active noise cancellation with Dual Noise Sensor technology that with the help of the Integrated Processor V1 provides a very nice noise cancellation on Sony ULT WEAR headphones. It suppresses the majority of the ambient noise. 

Sony ULT WEAR Review

So you will be able to enjoy listening to music, watching movies, attending virtual meetings or just using these headphones for noise cancellation purposes in your flights, public transportation etc. There is a dedicated button provided to switch between the Noise Cancellation and the Ambient Sound mode.

Battery Life

The battery life is also quite impressive on Sony ULT WEAR headphones as you get around 30 hours of battery life with noise cancelling turned on and up to 50 hours of battery life if the noise cancellation is turned off. So that's quite impressive.

It also comes with fast charging capability. And just by charging it for 3 minutes, you can get as much as 90 minutes of battery life. And if the battery is dead, you can use the 3.5 mm aux cable to listen to music on your Sony ULT WEAR headphones. The only thing is that you won't be able to use the noise cancellation as well as the ULT base boost on your ULT WEAR headphones.

h3>Smartphone App and Other Features

It comes with the auto play-pause feature. So if you remove your ULT WEAR headphones while listening to music, then the music will be paused and once you put these headphones back, then the music will start playing once again. And it works perfectly every single time. 

Sony ULT WEAR headphone comes with Multipoint Connections. So you can connect two devices at the very same time and switch between them easily as well. It comes with the Adaptive Sound Control feature that detects your actions and location and based on that make changes in the sound profile whether to go with the noise cancellation or the Ambient Sound mode etc. 

Sony ULT WEAR Review

You can select the Bluetooth connection quality whether you would like to prioritize the sound quality or the stable connection you can select the best equalizer setting and the audio profile based on your preference. You can use any of the equalizer preset and you can create custom ones as well. 

It also comes with Sony's 360 Reality Audio and the head tracking feature to provide a nice surround sound effect for an immersive listening experience. These are the premium features, so you will have to go with the paid subscription. But the good part is that Sony is providing a voucher, a coupon code to use these services for free for testing purposes for a while. And if you like them, then you can continue your subscription and if you don't find them interesting or useful to you then, you can just dump the idea. 

You can also turn on or off the DSEE that's Sony's Digital Sound Enhancement Engine that upscales the audio to provide a nice audio experience on low-quality audio files. 

Voice Call

When it comes to audio call, Sony ULT WEAR headphones provide a very nice experience as it comes with voice noise cancelling technology to reduce the ambient noise while making phone calls or using Zoom meetings, WebEx calls etc.  


Overall the Sony ULT WEAR is a very nice headphone in every aspect. The design and build quality is quite nice. The audio quality is pretty good and the amount of bass you are going to get is just incredible. So if you are a basshead, you are going to love this headphone for sure. The battery life is also impressive. The noise cancellation is top-notch. 

It comes with fast battery charging capability and some advanced features like 360 Reality Audio and 360 head tracking. So if you're planning to buy a nice new headphone for yourself then Sony ULT WEAR is a very nice option especially if you are basshead as I already said so many times. 

The Sony ULT WEAR headphones will be available in black, white, and forest grey at 849 SAR which is nearly 225 USD, and considering that, the Sony ULT WEAR headphone comes with a very reasonable price tag while providing flagship-grade features and audio quality.