The newest HUAWEI MateBook X Pro is here to shake things up. It has everything you want a flagship laptop in 2024 to be — a sleek beautifully crafted workhorse that weighs less than a kilogram and features the latest generation Intel processor. But the MateBook X Pro doesn’t just stop with performance, it offers significant improvements in other key areas that can transform the way you use your PC.

980g Ultralight with Skyline Design

The biggest and most noticeable aspect of the MateBook X Pro is how lightweight it is compared to other high-performance laptops on the market. Weighing in at just 980 g and only 13.5mm thick, it's a marvel of engineering. Crafted from lightweight yet robust magnesium alloy, it's stronger and more durable than aluminium or steel chassis laptops. Besides the chassis material, Huawei also had to make design innovations on the inside and outside to keep the weight under 1 Kg.

This accentuates the laptop's smooth feel and refined look. This laptop comes with a skin-soothing metallic body, making it pleasing to touch. The coating is also highly scratch- and smudge-resistant, and stains can be wiped off with ease. The laptop comes in three colour options: Morandi Blue, Black, and White.

HUAWEI MateBook X Pro

A Display Made for Creators: Pro-Grade Color Accuracy with Full Adobe RGB Support

With a 14.2-inch flexible OLED screen and 3.1K resolution, the MateBook X Pro can bring visuals alive in front of you with breathtaking clarity and vibrancy. The flexible OLED display offers a host of advantages over traditional OLEDs. Firstly, it eliminates the distracting moiré patterns seen on regular OLED screens when viewed off-angle. Secondly, the flexible display helps reduce the weight of the laptop by around 150g and makes the incredible 93% screen-to-body ratio possible.

The new HUAWEI X-True™ display technology delivers incredibly lifelike colours for clear and comfortable viewing. It boasts an impressive 120Hz refresh rate, and a fast 1ms response time. What's more, the HUAWEI MateBook X Pro is fully equipped to meet the needs of photographers, graphic artists, and creatives with full Adobe RGB colour gamut support.

Packing Mindblowing Power in an Ultra-Lightweight Body

The MateBook X Pro can breeze through anything you throw at it without breaking a sweat. It runs on a high-performance Intel® Core™ Ultra 9 High-Performance processor powered by advanced Intel 4 technology. The Intel 4 technology can pack twice the number of transistors in a given area compared to the previous generation Intel 7. This means higher performance and lower power consumption.

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more integrated into our lives, Intel® Core™ Ultra processors lets you enjoy its benefits without compromise. For instance, you can experience AI-powered features like background noise reduction in meetings without sacrificing performance or battery life. This is thanks to Intel® AI Boost, a dedicated engine within Intel® Core™ Ultra processors, which include a specialised Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to handle complex AI tasks efficiently. Moreover, the improved Arc™ Graphics system doubles graphics processing performance compared to the previous generation.

With 90W SuperCharge Turbo mode on the MateBook X Pro, you can work for 2 hours after a short 10 minutes of charging. On top of that, the laptop boasts an impressive 70 Wh battery capacity. Plus, if you are in a pinch you can even charge your MateBook X Pro with a compatible smartphone charger or power bank.

Fast and Stable Connection: Get Uninterrupted Wi-Fi up to 330m

The MateBook X Pro uses advanced 3D Metaline Antenna technology. This means you get better network connections that reach farther and faster. The MateBook X Pro can connect up to 330 meters in ideal situations, which is roughly the length of a large stadium. Additionally, it has anti-interference technology that improves signal coverage, accelerates network speeds, and provides stable connections in all directions. It's time to say goodbye to connectivity issues.

The HUAWEI MateBook X Pro is a breath of fresh air in the laptop market. Weighing under a kilogram yet packing powerful performance, it defies conventional trade-offs between portability and capability. The MateBook X Pro certainly makes an enticing case if you are looking to upgrade your laptop in 2024.

The HUAWEI MateBook X Pro is now available for pre-order in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a starting price 6999 SAR with valuable gifts during this duration which starts on May 22nd till June 9th.