Honor of Kings announced today the launch of qualifying competitions for the Honor of Kings Invitational eSports World Cup mid-season tournament between the strongest eSports organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia next week. The qualifiers will be broadcast live from June 9 to June 11, 2024, and the competition will see the winning organization qualify to participate in the Honor of Kings Invitational eSports World Cup mid-season tournament, which will be held in August, for the chance to win a share of the tournament’s $3 million prize pool. dollar.

During the period from 9 to 11 June 2024. The qualifying competitions between Saudi organizations will be broadcast live on the official Honor of Kings Arabia channels and within the Honor of Kings game at exactly 7 pm Saudi time, where viewers can follow the heated competitions between the strongest Saudi e-sports organizations, which Includes Team Falcons, Twisted Minds, R8 Esports, Geekay Esports, Onyx Revens, RTG (Road to Glory), The Vicious, Dragons, and GS Team.

Honor of Kings E-Sports World Cup Mid-season Qualifiers Season

Based on Level Infinite's vision to empower the global gaming community and encourage its continued participation in a series of intense and exciting competitions, the company will support the Honor of Kings Invitational tournament series and its growing e-sports ecosystem. Last January, Honor of Kings announced that it had pumped investments amounting to $15 million to pioneer a comprehensive global e-sports system that includes local and global tournaments specifically designed to highlight the best skills in the world of e-sports.

On this occasion, Joe Zogby, Senior Director of Game Operations at Level Infinite Middle East and North Africa, a subsidiary of Tencent Games Global, said: “We are excited to share this strong list of e-sports organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the qualifiers for the World Cup mid-season tournament.” Honor of Kings Invitational for e-sports. We are also proud to present the talents of e-sports and games sponsored by the Kingdom through this tournament, and all of this comes within the framework of affirming our commitment to developing the Saudi e-gaming community.”

It is worth noting that Honor of Kings, which launched its free version in the MENA region in February 2024, is the most popular online multiplayer MOBA game for mobile devices in the world, with more than 200 million registered users and more than 100 million daily players. They enjoy the exciting team battles that the game offers in 5 vs. 5 mode.