GEOCITIES is closed officially today. . . . . Yahoo announced in the middle of the April that they are planning to close the service of Geocities. In just one single year, Yahoo closed more than 20 services. Geocities and Briefcase were two of my favorite services by Yahoo decades before. But they are no more now.

Geocities gave me my first site nearly a decade before when I was in high school. I was excited and curious to use it. And I made lots of sites on Geocities. Most of them were about me and related to music. Later i used Geocities for Yahoo hacking purpose and it was really great to work with it ;) Free web hosting by Geocities was a big thing and it was the pioneer of free web hosting. Same was the case with Yahoo Briefcase. Briefcase was providing 30MB memory which was so bigger than the 1MB inbox of Yahoo Mail. . . . With the rise of technology and services, Yahoo Briefcase was of no use for sure but I do not think that it was a nice idea to close Geocities when it was still getting 10 million unique visitors each month. I think the reason behind is financial. YAHOO is going to start its paid web hosting and may be,that is why they decided to stop their free web hosting service, Geocities.

Well whatever is the reason, Geocities is no more and there is nothing else to say than. . . . . . . . . Goodbye Geocities. REST IN PEACE