Well I heard about Google Wave few months back. I was having no idea about it and I was just not interested in Google Wave. Two weeks back, I heard about Google Wave's beta release and found that people are dying to use it and begging to get an invitation to use Google Wave in beta period. I was lucky ( thats what I thought at that moment ) that one of my twitter friend asked me for a Google Wave invitation and I got it. ( I also got an account for Gmail when it was an invitation only and invited lots and lots of people. . . Known,unknow,everyone who asked for a Gmail invitation )

The first thing which I did after getting the Google Wave invitation, was to open the invitation link. Then Google started showing me error message but no reason. After getting that error messages many times, Google displayed the message that " You can not open it on phone browser. " So I was going to wait till wednesday to use Google Wave as I was having internal exams till wednesday. I was a bit busy in labs and my seminar preparation too, so I got the chance to use it on saturday only. I opened the link and logged in Google Wave with my Google account and that is when trouble started. . . . . . . . .

Right after logging in, Google Wave displayed the message that " This browser is not supporting Google Wave. " I was using the latest version of my favorite browser Opera. It annoyed me a lot but I downloaded the latest version of Mozilla Firefox to use Google Wave as it was mentioned in the above message. I started using Google Wave on Firefox but still it was caused Firefox to crash several times. . . After getting in, I found that Google Wave is totally based on flash. The first thing I wanted to do is to invite few people to use Google Wave. But I was not able to find the way to invite others. I did a little research in official Google forums and found that many people were complaining about it there. In fact, Google Wave stopped giving Invitation feature to all the Google Wave account as many people were joining it in beta testing period. So I was one of them who can not invite others to join Google Wave. It was showing my only three older contacts in Friend section as they were having Google Wave account too now. So I simply logged out from the Google Wave and started working on my new blog. . . . . . . And yes, in this small duration Firefox crashed many times because of Google Wave.

Yesterday too, I found that people are asking for Google Wave invitations to others. But I am not interested anymore in it. . . . . What is the logic of having a Google Wave account if I can not use it? I can not add people. I can not use my favorite browser and it is crashing the browsers which is recommended by Google Wave itself. And the worst, I cant invite people to use it with whome I wanna be in touch with the help of Google Wave. . . . . . . Thumbs Down To GOOGLE WAVE. It is really annoying.