Tweet to Email is Twitter to email application to help Twitter users to send their tweets from itself to their non-Twitter friends email just by adding special hash tags to the tweet . All of us we have friends not in Twitter yet , maybe because they didn't know about it or just they don't like to use it .

And sometime we feel that we don't want them to miss some of our important tweets or any tweet we feel that they maybe care about it . So it required us to duplicate our work by sending the information by twitter then to do the same work by the email to inform the rest of our friends who are not in Twitter (Tweet to Email) comes to solve this problem and to make it easy for us to communicate with all our friends from one place.

Just visit and all what you need is to login to ( Tweet to Email ),Create a group there and select hash tag for that group ( Example: #TM1 ) then add your contact manually or imported automatically from your email . To send your tweets to your groups just add the hash tag any where in your tweet (Example: #TM1 ) you can tweet normally from Twitter itself or by using any other Twitter client. ---- *

It will help you to communicate with non-twitter users easly * It will help you to increase your followers *It will increase you tweets audience ( more users not only in twitter ) *you can use it as good marketing tool if you want to send short and effective message to your customers