Last time, I mentioned about the LAYER Augmented Reality Browser, which is one of the highlighted feature of the Samsung Galaxy S phones, in my post about Samsung Bloggers' Meet.

And just now, I got a mail from Nokia in which they talked about the very same type of application with very same type of features as the LAYER Browser of Samsung. Its called Nokia Point & Find.

Nokia Point & Find is the first interactive augmented reality browser for Nokia devices. You can add your favorite places and spaces to the Nokia Point & Find virtual City Guide. You can also use your camera ’s viewfinder to see tags left by other users and share your tags with friends.

You can also use Nokia Point & Find to scan barcodes and save money when shopping, read 2D barcodes, and interact with your favorite brands like Expotel, Oasis, and Joule (content availability differs by region).

So, you can point your phone at a building or landmark to learn more about it instantly with Nokia's real-time mobile discovery browser. Nokia's Point & Find is available for N97 mini, 5230, X6 and other devices. POINT & FIND is in Beta period now and free to download from the Nokia OVI store.