GOOGLE is just too good in making funny suggestions in its search results. Here I am sharing 15 funny Google suggestions fails and soon I will share few more. Till then check them and enjoy :)

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1. “I really hope you get sexually violated by a pterodactyl tonight”

2. “Why is daddy in a dress”

3. “I used my mom`s vibrator”

4. “Can you get aids from swimming in a pool with black people”

5. “i am extremely terrified of chinese people”

6."Google won`t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don`t find Chuck Norris, he finds you"

7. “Black people stole my car”

8. “Will we poop in heaven”

9. “How come when i talk to girls on facebook they don`t answer me back”

10. "My wife left town with a banana"

11. "George Bush is…an alien?"

12. "When do you grow a condom"

13. “Does your virginity grow back”

14. How To Get Pregnant?

15. I am extremly

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