EPIC, the first Indian browser, is back with its latest version EPIC 1.2 with lots of new features and better performances.

EPIC 1.2 Browser Is Available To Download

Highlights Of EPIC VERSION 1.2 Update:

* Updated to Mozilla/Firefox 3.6.10.

* Faster Load Times- nearly
20% faster start-up times
and faster rendering!

* One-Click Super-AntiVirus Scan for File Downloads -
The most thorough checks of downloaded files possible. When you download a file in Epic, you'll have an option to scan the file first via VirusTotal, our partner. They'll check if the link is considered malicious and scan the linked-to file with 40 different anti-virus engines including Symantec/Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, K7, AVG, Avira, Panda and 33 other a-v products!

* *IMPORTANT* AntiVirus Scanner Removed - The antivirus scanner was causing instability so its removed from Epic 1.2. If you don't have antivirus protection, we recommend free antivirus products from Avira, AVG, or Panda Cloud. They are working on bringing more antivirus protection into new versions of Epic.

* New Facebook with Popup Alerts - Vastly improved and complete Facebook sidebar!

* New Twitter with Popup Alerts - Vastly improved and complete Twitter sidebar!

* New Shopping Sidebar - See hot deals instantly in our shopping sidebar!

* Hide-able Sidebar - You can now hide the sidebar.

* More Browsing Space with Thinner Sidebar and Controls - The sidebar is set to the thin icons only view by default and mini-controls for the address bar. Result: much more browsing space!

* New More Visible Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons.

* Right-Click Remove Sidebar Apps - Remove sidebar apps with a right click. Re-enable them via Epic Apps -> Manage Apps.

* Bookmark Apps - Turn any website into an App via the star button or via a right click on the website in your bookmarks.

* Feature Films in the India Sidebar - Hundreds of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi and Punjabi Films in the India Sidebar.

* Live TV now part of the Videos in the India Sidebar - More channels and tv shows added.

* Hundreds of More Skins! - And 100s of old skins re-designed with higher resolution images.

* Share your Epic Skins on Facebook and Twitter.

* Recommended Apps - Easily find the best Apps from the 1500+ Apps in Epic.

* Apps sidebar re-designed and moved below skins.

* Cursor bugs in Epic Write resolved.

* Downloading video button is enabled-reenabled after streaming.

* Drag files from the My Computer sidebar to your GMail attachments.

* Alerts can be set to a longer time duration (over 45 days).

* Windows Media Player is now supported.

* Travel sidebar -> Expedia/Travelocity added.

* Play Games in Tabs - Sudoku and classic games added.

* Delete auto-saved data via the Recycle Bin button.

* To Ensure Maximum Stability, please download the latest version of the Flash Player here (be sure to un-check the McAfee Security Scan Plus if you don’t require it).

Click Here To Download EPIC 1.2