Twitter Wap Clients Comparison Chart

Last time, I shared the complete list of Twitter WAP clients. And now, I am sharing a comparison chart of 7 of the best of all those Twitter WAP clients which will give you the better idea of their features with respect to each other.

It will help you understand your needs and to select the best Twitter wap client for you. So, just take a look on this informative chart about >Twitter wap clients.

Twitter WAP Clients Comparison Chart

Client Twitter Mobile Tweete Dabr Slandr Twitstat Twittme Tuitwit
Search N Y Y Y Y Y Y
Follow Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Actions N Y Y Y Y Y Y
Counter N Y Y Y Y N Y
Avatars N Y Y Y Y Y Y
Delete N Y Y Y Y Y Y
No H. Scroll Y Y N N N Y Y
Size 12 14 13 256 54 56 6 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Ads? N Y Y Y N Y N
OAuth Y Y Y Y N Y Y

  • Search:  Find topics and Tweeps using text search.
  • Follow:  Client provides a way to add new Tweeps to the list of those you are following.
  • Action: Client has icons or links to reply, favorite, direct message or ReTweet without having to remember that D=Direct @=Reply, fav=Favorite and  Retweet:= Retweet.
  • Counter: Shows the number of characters remaining so that you don't type more than 140 and have your Tweet truncated.  The counters require JavaScript and don't work in Opera Mini.
  • Avatars :  Shows an avatar next to each post. Tweete, Dabr and Twitstat allow you to turn the avatars off for low memory browsers and slow or expensive connections.
  • Delete: Client lets you delete your own Tweets.
  • No H. Scroll: Client wraps text properly so that horizontal scrolling is never required  in Opera Mini and possibly other browsers.
  • Size: Minimum uncompressed size (with avatars and in-line images turned off if possible) in kilobytes of a page full of Tweets.  Under 20 KB should work on any phone including those with Openwave and Motorola MIB browsers. Under 100 is OK on modern feature phones using Nokia, NetFront, Teleca or Polaris browsers.  Opera Mini and current smartphones can all handle at least 300 KB pages.
  • Score (1-5) of dotMobi's "mobile readiness" tester.  The tests were performed on the client's (small) login screen and probably over estimate the mobile readiness of the client's with timeline page sizes over 20 KB.
  • Ads? Client displays advertising on timeline pages.
  • OAuth Client allows login using Twitter OAuth which should prevent your Twitter credentials from being compromised if the client's security is compromised.