Twitter Wap Clients : A Complete List

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking site. It was designed basically to use on the phone just like the Foursqaure. And that is why, most of the people use Twitter on their mobile phones (Me too). There are various clients available for Twitter to use on the desktop, web browser, as mobile app or wap sites.

Here I am sharing a full list of all wap clients available for Twitter which you can use on your phone to tweet. If you know any other Twitter wap client then feel free to share it in comments section and I will include it in the post.

Twitter Wap Clients : A Complete List

1. Dabr ( : It is my favorite client and you can also use it as a Twitter web client on your desktop browser.

2. Tweete ( : Works well on old or low end phones and/or slow networks.

3. Tuitwit ( : Having few unique features like Muting and very configurable.

4. Twitter Mobile ( : Twitter's official wap client

5. Twittme ( : Supports upto 240 characters and splits more than 140 characters into 2 tweets.

6. TweetGo ( : A "touch web" optimized Twitter client

7. Hahlo4 ( : Hahlo4 looks and works great in the iPhone, Android, Web OS, and Maemo browsers, Opera Mini browsers

8. Slandr ( : Having some unique features like Events and Local to get more out of Twitter.

9. Twitstat (

10. Twapper (

11. TwitSnaps ( : You can post a photo to Twitter directly from your phone, view a public timeline of Twitter photos and photo "Hall of Fame"

12. Tvider ( : You can share videos, audio, pictures on Twitter from your phone with the help of Tvider.