The latest version of iTunes is out with iTunes 10.1. iTunes 10.1 is having lots of new features which makes it better than the previous versions of iTunes in many ways. The main 4 new features of iTunes 10.1 and the download link are given below.

4 New Features Released In Latest iTunes 10.1

1. iTunes Ping: iTunes Ping helps you to be in touch with all a favorite songs of your friends and then you can know all the hit songs among your friends. You can also have a listening to those song on a 30 seconds preview on iTunes 10.1.

2. Apple TV: Now you can watch Apple TV on your iPhone, iPod or Macbook using . It is 80 percent smaller in size from previous but the collection is a huge one. You can find lots of songs and movies on Apple TV.

3. TV shows: You can watch TV shows on your Apple device. You will have to pay a small amount to activate this service

4. Simple Way to synchronize:
Now you can easily able to synchronize all your stuffs with your other device using a better interface of iTunes 10.1 . There is a new feature of Capacity bar in iTunes 10.1 which will let you see the amount of space left in your device.

Click Here To Download iTunes 10.1

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