If you are planning to monetize your blog then 125x125 ad slots are the best option as they are the standard in advertising. It is easy to put those ad slots on Wordpress blog. But if you are using a Blogger blog then you need to follow simple steps given below to add 125x125 ad slots in your Blogger blog to make money online.

HOW TO : Add 125x125 Ad Slots To Blogger/BlogSpot Blog

1. Log in to your Blogger account, go to "Design". Now on the "Page Element" , click on "Add a Gadget" on a spot where you want there 125x125 ad slots to appear and select it as "HTML/JavaScript". Now, paste this code into the HTML box:

<center><table border="0"><tr>
<th width="126" height="126" align="center"><img src=""/></th>
<th width="126" height="126" align="center"><img src=""/></th>
<td width="126" height="126" align="center"><img src=""/></td>
<td width="126" height="126" align="center"><img src=""/></td>
<a href=""><font size="1px">Widget by</font></a>

2. Now just save the gadget. The four 125x125 ad slots will appear on the blog. You can put more or less ad slots if you want.

3. When advertisers approaches you to put his ad in your blog then just remove the image shown in the red color with the advertiser's link and image URL as shown below.

<a href="URL of Advertiser"><img src="URL of Pic" /></a>

If you want then you can change the image with these images. Just copy the image link and replace it with the one shown in 125x125 ad slot code.

You can also put your image to attract advertiser by showing the image of your choice if you dont like any of the images shown here for the 125x125 ad slots.

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