Sometimes we see stunning colors on screen while browsing some websites, pictures etc. And sometimes we want to use those colors in our images or websites. But it can be a difficult task to determine exactly which color it was. But now, you can do that with a great software application.

ColorPic is an easy to use and free application which helps in determining the colors on your computer screen. It also provides decimal and hexadecimal color codes for further uses. ColorPic is a great tool for designers and graphical works.

HOW TO : Identify the Colors on Your Computer Screen

Features Of ColorPic

  • Capture any color from the computer screen
  • It provides the Decimal and Hexadecimal codes
  • Also provides Red/green/blue and hue/satulations/value and cyan/magenda/yellow components
  • Having a powerful magnifier for greater accuracy in determining color

You can download the ColorPic by visting the link --.

Size : 579.38 kb