All of us wants our computer to work faster. Wouldn't it be nice if you know exactly that how our computer is performing in some easy to understand terms. It would be easier to maintain the computer's performance. Now there is a solution for that.

NovaBench is a free software to test the performance of the main components of your computer system. It tests the performance of the computer and then NovaBench gives a the score to your PC. You can also compare and share the performance of computers with others over the internet. By knowing the problems, you can improve the score and so can the performance of your computer.

Features Of NovaBench

  • Quickly test the performance of main components of computer system

  • Novabench score - test, compare, improve and share your score with others

  • Test the internet speed and quickly view your system  info

  • You can download the NovaBench by visiting he link -->