Many of us have some or the other time, woken up to the horrible realization of having posted some terrible message on Twitter or a post on Facebook or Twitter while being drunk. Now there is a new application, Social Media Sobriety Test, that can be downloaded to your computer aims to stop you writing emails or posting messages while not in full control of your faculties.

Social Media Sobriety Test is available for free download, It is programmed to post a series of simple problems that, while easy enough to do sober, are intended to be fiendishly difficult to complete when intoxicated.

One of the tests asks the user to follow a moving finger with their mouse. If they fall outside the circle they are locked out of Facebook. Another test challenges users to guess how long 30 seconds is by clicking on their mouse. Few of the other tests are 'drag your mouse in a straight line', 'type the alphabet backwards', or 'follow the finger'. If the inebriated user fails one of the simple tests, a message can be posted on their Facebook or Twitter page that tells their friends that they are 'too drunk to post right now'.

It works for Facebook, MySpace , Twitter, YouTube and Flickr and can also stop people from using custom sites like Foursquare or blogs and web-based email accounts such as Gmail or Hotmail.

Developed by web security firm Webroot, the test's tagline is "Nothing good happens online after 1 a.m."

Source : Daily Mail

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