There are lots of media converters are available. But did you ever think about converting a text file into the audio or sound file? Now, you can convert a text file into an audio file which can help a lot to students and people who are prone to audio than the text.

Balabolka is a freeware application which can convert the text to the audio format. It supports lots of audio formats which are given below.

HOW TO : Convert Text To Audio Files

1. Wave Audio Files (*.wav)

2. MP3 Format Sound (*.mp3)

3. Ogg Vorbis Audio (*.ogg)

4. Windows Media Audio (*.wma)

5. MPEG-4 Files (*.mp4)

6. MPEG-4 Audio (*.m4a)

7. MPEG-4 Audiobook (*.m4b)

8. AMR-WB Files (*.awb)

It is also having multi-language support. So, you can convert a text file into many different languages. Few of the other highlighted features of this text to audio converter are given below.

- You can split and convert to audio files. So, the text will be divided according to paragraphs and a separate audio file for each one of the paragraphs.

- You can also configure the voice.

- The pronunciations of the voice can be changed which is good for international

- It can check the spelling errors.

- Bookmarks can also be inserted.

- Rate, Pitch and volume of the voice can be adjusted and changed.

- It supports Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 7

You can download the Balabolka : Text To Audio Converter by visiting the URL -->