There are lots of jokes available on Social Media, Twitter etc. I also shared the post You Know You Are INDIAN When..... and now I am sharing a post about Internet Marketers. If you are one of the internet marketers then, surely you will find the similarity between you and the characteristics mentions below. Enjoy

You know you are an Internet Marketer When.........

  • You send your kids their allowance by Paypal.

  • Your Mom asks you to email her your children’s Christmas gift wishlist and you embed it with affiliate links.

  • You check domain name availability before naming your kids.

  • You go to work in your underwear.

  • You have trouble explaining to your friends what “you do.”

  • Everybody else is looking for a job and you’re trying to get rid of yours
  • The neighbors think you’re into something illegal when they observe you not going to work but having all the trappings of success.

  • Every item at your garage sale ends with a ‘7.’

  • You add three PS’s to an email to your mother.

  • Your wife accuse you to be cheating on her with Alexa.

  • You make a lot of money spending max 1 hour per day in front of your PC.

  • You do your work in the toilet

  • You wake up on midnight and then your body opens PayPal automatically like a bots, ignoring your wife’s bulging eyes

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