Sometimes we face the condition when our mobile phone battery goes low when we are in need to use our mobile phones urgently. Not all of us, carry the mobile charger together always. And it is also not possible to get a charging point nearby even if you are having the charger. To get rid of such conditions, here I am sharing a trick which will charge your mobile phone battery upto 50% without using any charger.

Like every gadget, mobile phones are also having some nice and useful hidden features. One of them is to use the hidden charge of battery. To charge your mobile phone battery, just type #3370# and your mobile battery will be charged upto 50%. When you will charge the battery next time then this hidden battery charge will be restored. So, that you can again use this mobile phone trick next time.

Update : The post is having some error in description which is explained below in the comment section. Please go through it. Thanks

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