If you are into gaming then you must be knowing about one of the most popular game Call Of Duty. But here this post is about a game Duty Calls which is the parody of the Call Of Duty. It is big hit worldwide. More than 1.25 Million people downloaded it in just 2 days.


Note : According to the sources, the game is just of around 10 minutes and few MB but the advertisement video is of few hundrade MB which makes the overall download of 700MB. So, it is better to watch the video given below to save time.

Duty Calls is having various funny things like when you get instructions or updates then Commander only says "Blah Blah" and when you fires from your gun the the "Boring Boring" sound comes out. And the ranking system of the Duty Calls is also a very funny one.

Click Here To Download Duty Calls

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