iPad is one of the most popular gadget in the world. The gaming experience on an iPad is just too good. That is why, here I am sharing the Top 20 iPad Games which you can enjoy on your iPad.

Top 20 iPad Games

1. Air Hockey

2. Glow Hockey 2 Free

3. 10 Pin Shuffle


5. Air Attack HD

6. Civilization Revolution

7. Dominion HD

8. Field Runners

9. F-16 Multirole Fighter 1

10. Galcon Fusion

11. Geometry Wars Touch

12. Marble Mixer

13. Medieval HD Lite

14. Plants Vs Zombies

15. Scrabble

16. Osmos for iPad

17. Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars HD

18. Puzzle Agent HD

19. The Settlers HD

20. Labyrinth 2

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