is the most popular social networking site but it got lack of many basic features. For example, there is no option to delete a group once it is created. You can easily delete a Facebook Page but not a Facebook Group.

So what to do if someday you want to delete a group you created? Here I am telling you method using which you can delete a Facebook Group. It is a bit time consuming but it is the only known method available to delete a Facebook Group

HOW TO : Delete A Facebook Group?

HOW TO : Delete A Facebook Group?

As I said above, there is no link or direct method available in Facebook's user interface to delete a Facebook Group. But the Facebook system automatically removes groups that have no members. So, if you want to delete a Facebook Group, then you will have to remove all its members individually and then leave it. Facebook system will automatically delete the group then.

Important : If you leave the group by using the Leave Group link without removing all its members, then, the group will remain there and you will lose your admin status. So you will not be able to delete the Facebook Group anymore as you wont be able to delete other members now.

Follow the steps given below to delete a Facebook Group.

1. Go to the Facebook Group which you want to delete and click on the "Edit Members" link on its left sidebar.

2. Now, start removing the members by clicking on the X attached every member's image. Delete all of them except you, one by one.

3. At last, remove yourself by clicking on the X at the right extreme of your image in the member's list.

4. You will see a message appearing that the admin status will be offered to other people in the group if you leave. But this will not happen as there are no other members in the group. So just confirm the action by clicking on the "Remove" button and the Facebook Group will be remove from system

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