Everyday technology is evolving and giving us something which was not impossible months before. And the latest one which can be true in the near future is Invisible Phones which works on the gestures of the users.

Imaginary iPhone allows users to control their mobile devices without taking it out of their pocket. Instead, users mimic the interaction on the palm of their hand. The interaction is tracked by a wearable depth camera which sends input events to the actual physical device.

By mimicking the layout of the physical device, an iPhone, users can operate the device based on spatial memory built up while using the physical device. This can be useful for the large number of "micro interactions" that users perform every day, such as sending a call to the voice box or setting an alarm.

The shown work is a research project by Sean Gustafson, Christian Holz and Prof. Patrick Baudisch at the Human Computer Interaction Lab at Hasso Plattner Institute, Potsdam, Germany.

Gesture Based Invisible iPhone (Video)