Google +1 is finally out for the bloggers to add the buttons on your site. But many people told me that they are having problem in getting the Google +1 button code from the official Google site as they are getting an infinite redirection.

That is why here I am telling you that how you can add the Google +1 buttons on your Blogger blog. There are two methods for it and I will explain both of them.

HOW TO : Add The Google +1 Buttons On Your Blogger Blog

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML

2. Click on the “Expand Widget Template” and search for </head> and paste the code given below just before it.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""> {lang: 'en-US'} </script>

3. Now copy and paste the code given below where you want Google +1 button to appear on your blog.

<div style='float:left'>

<g:plusone size="small" expr:href="data:post.url"/>


4. Save the template and check your blog for Google +1 button.

If you want then you can change the design of the Google +1 button by changing the size as medium, standard and tall. You can also change the position of the Google +1 button by changing the float as left or right.

Now here is the second method. If you are using a Blogger default template, then you can add the Google +1 button directly to the share buttons at the end of the post as shown in the image below.

1. Just go to the Blogger Dashboard > Design > Page Elements > Blog Posts.

2. Now click on the Edit option, and select the “Show Share Buttons” option. If you are already using the Share buttons then, the Google +1 button will automatically show up as a new share option. Select it and save it. Done :)