Google is great in many thing and it is also having a great sense of humor. Hope that you still remember the posts Google Map With Sense Of Humor and 48 Most Bizarre Google Earth Photos . And this time, I am sharing some funny stuffs which you can do with Google Translate.

And if you know any other funny stuffs which can be added in this post then, please share it in the Comments section. I will add it with your name as the source. So for now, enjoy these funny Google Translate stuff.

How does Google know this about Justin Bieber ;)?

  1. Open the Google Translate.
  2. In the Translate box, type - Will Justin Bieber ever hit puberty
  3. Now set the translation option from English to Vietnamese.
  4. Now, copy and paste the Vietnamese words and translate them from Vietnamese to English.
  5. If you want to tease any of the Justin Bieber fan then, send this post to them and enjoy ;)

Google Translator Beatbox

Google Translate BeatboxTo use the Google Translate Beatbox, click on the link given below.

HOW TO : Use Google Translate As Beatbox

Google using foul mouth

  1. In the Translate box, type this sentence - Take a dirty picture for me
  2. Set the translation option from English to French.
  3. Now, reverse the translation as you did in the Justin Bieber trick above. Copy and paste the French words in the box and translate it from French to English.