Google Earth is a nice and informative service by Google. But at the very same time, Google Earth is very gunny too. And that is why, here I am sharing the 48 Most Bizarre Google Earth Photos. You can also share if you are having more this kind of Google Earth pics.

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1. Will U Marry Me

2. Google Escher Effect – Paris, France

3. Graffiti in Google Maps

4. Mystery Stone Arrow

5. Auto Antics

6. Localised Black Hole Discovered

7. Face of Satan on Google Earth

8. Heart-shaped Island

9. Man-Shaped Lake in Brazil

10. Iraq’s Bloody Lake

11. Issaouane Erg desert – Dunes (Algeria)

12. Giant Gulliver at Hunters Hall Park, Craigmillar, Scotland

13. Terrain Face in Google Maps

14. Osmington White Horse

15. Google Escher Effect in Houston

16. Land Art near Munich Airport

17. KFC Space Logo

18. Firefox Logo

19. Where’s Waldo in Google Maps?

20. Bunny in Google Maps

21. Coca Cola Logo in Google Maps

22. Portrait of Ghenghis Khan in Google Maps

23. The Vitruvian Man by Da Vinci

24. The Palm Islands of Dubai

25. Oprah Maze

26.Guitar-Shaped Mansion

27. I Love U

28. Crop Circles

29. Ghost Town: Prypiat, Ukraine

30. Ni Pena Ni Miedo (No Shame Nor Fear)

32. Giant of Córdoba taking bath

33. Google Maps Oddity

34. Brunel 200th Birthday Maze

35. Land Art – Bug in Illinois

36. Karl’s Maze, Germany

37. Giant Thumbprint on Google Maps

38. Luecke in Texas

39. Giant Shadow

40. Inca Civilisation

41. Lizard

42. Pacman

43. Santa Clause

44. Sperm

45. Flying Car

46. UFO Landing

47. Giant Face

48. Face On Google Earth