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Google is the most popular search engine but it is also a very funny site. Google always comes out with some funny Google Doodles and there some tricks available to get some more fun at Google.

Here I am sharing few Google hacks which will entertain you and you can use them to amaze your friends if they do not know about these funny Google hacks. All you have to do is to copy and paste the title of the Google hacks given below and just click on the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button as shown in the image given below.

If you want then, you can also type these hacks manually in the Google search bar.So, Have some fun and let me know which one you liked most. And if you any other Google hacks and tricks then, feel free to share it in the comments section. Thanks :)

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Top 12 Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" Tricks

1. Google Gravity : This will make it the Google page on your computer screen a zero gravity zone. You can also direct the texts using your mouse and throw them all over the screen. Sounds great, right? ;)

2. Google Sphere : Using this Google hack, all words on the Google page will start flying in the circular motion.

3. Google Loco : If you wanna see the Google jumping and dancing then, this one is for you ;)

4. Annoying Google : It will really annoy you as it will convert the alphabets in upper case and lower case randomly

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5. Epic Google : Using this trick , the size of the texts keep increasing and finally it will come out of your screen.

6. Google Gothic : If you are a metal music lover or just into gothic stuff then this is the best Google trick for you.

7. Google Pacman : Hope that you guys remember that Pacman was the Google Doodle for two days and removed later. But if you still wanna play Pacman on Google homepage anytime then you can do that using this trick

8. Who's The Cutest : Wanna know who is the cutest person? , Just give this Google hack a try and you will come to know

9. Google Pirate : Take a look on the Pirate version of the Google ;)

10. Google Hacker : What if someday Google is hacked? Try this trick to have an idea of that situation

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11. Google Rainbow : This trick will create the rainbow effect on the Google pages. It is also very annoying as texts are hard to read using this trick.

12. Google Reverse or Google Reverse : Using this trick , you will land on a page where everything is the mirror image and in the reverse order of the Google homepage.

13. How To Handle A Wife (Google Trick Video) :

If you know any other Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" tricks then, feel free to share it in the comments section with us all. Thanks