Samsung’s Galaxy SII came with a whirlwind of acclaim. The device has a number of top end features that the new iPhone 5, while we still await a release date for, will hope to have. So what are five of these things, we examine and speculate in the hope of being right. Just take a look at these points and if you got any other interesting point which can be included in this post then, feel free to speak your mind in the Comments section.

Five things the Galaxy S2 has that iPhone 5 will emulate

Dual Core

The S2 arrived on the market as one of the first dual core handsets, its Tegra 2 processor is an all powerful chip and one that Apple will hope to emulate in its new iPhone 5. The A5 chip rumoured for use in the new iPhone 5 will be something akin to the current Samsung devices, although Samsung has about half a year on Apple with this power source behind it.

Chassis & Body

Though we hope Apple does a better job than Samsung and creates a more top end chassis made from better quality materials, we must say that the slim size of the Galaxy is impressive at a tiny 8.49mm. It is one of the slimmest phones available and is also quite attractive with a single home button.


iPhones have been criticised for their lack of camera ability in recent times, however the phone has had a number of improvements and the most recent iPhone 4 has a 5mp camera. Though this was a leap the device still lacks when compared to some of the most modern devices. The Samsung's Galaxy S2 8mp camera is a mark and the iPhone 5 will have to reach it. This would be an improvement for Apple and give the iPhone a boost.

Operating System

Android 2.3 has been a bit of a revelation, it has really pushed Android phones to the fore and iOS 5 will need to be top notch, especially considering there is an upgrade coming in November for Android which is remarkably close to the new iPhone 5's launch.

Overall Experience

Not since we have reviewed the Desire have we seen a phone that can beat the iPhone experience. Samsung have certainly created an excellent device and it really is a delight. It is very responsive and slick device that really shows that the Apple force is more than beatable.